[Leveling] Get to level 40 - FAST

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Views: Date: Jun 10 2007 06:07:36
This guide credits to georgecode ( Original Page )
Tired of playing your voyager that cant even tank 1-2 hits from mobs of your same level?
Tired of charging your corals, buying expensive equipment or just hungry to try out a new job?

It is no secret that the real fun of this game comes when you pass your second job advancement quest, where you will be able to invest in several cool skills that are a notch higher than those from your 1st job.

However getting to level 40 is pretty tough, but that all changes when you have a Voyager to level you up!

My guide, "Get to level 40 - FAST" will show you exactly how.

All you need would be...

  • A voyager (40+)
  • A newbie
  • And this guide!
*Job of new character does not matter. HOWEVER, Champions (constitution) will be able to tank the higher level mobs and will not be killed so easily. Dodge also applies.

**For my guide, the newbie auto-follows the Voyager. (Hold down alt and click the voyager)

***Thanks to wonderful game, we have double EXP on Weekends! Be sure to make use of the double EXP!!! Couple this leveling guide with Heaven Berries for best results!

****You can modify this guide in order to suit your Voyager/Newbie's build. The MOST IMPORTANT rule is that EXP gained from a mob 9 levels higher is optimum, any higher (eg. 10), EXP will be heavilty penalized.


Level 1-7

Sailor Penguin Lv10, (994,365) Deep Blue

There is a spawn of clumped penguins that will allow your character to rise to level 5 in a matter of seconds^^ Just 1 or 2 conch rays will level up your character.

Level 7-20

Snowy Bat Lv16, (743,358) Deep Blue

This is truly the fastest place where your newbie will experience level growth!
These bats are AGRO, meaning they are aggresive and swarm onto you in huge mobs. Using a voyager, just run around a little bit, gather a load of bats behind you and ray them! These bats have low health and 1 ray is sufficient to kill them. You should be able to kill round about 10+/- bats with each Conch Ray, so exp growth shoots up like a rocket!

Level 20-25

Bandit Lv25, (1043,3066) Ascaron

Just below Andes Forest haven lies the bandit camp. Similar to the bats, they are aggro, and they drop Robot Cores which can be used to make Ancient Generator, a key for Forsaken City. You will level up moderately fast. You can probably sit your newbie down at the center of the bandit camp, should be safe there. 1 hit KO

Level 25-29

Grassland Wolves Lv33, (1143,2705) Ascaron

Close to Vahalla haven, there is a huge spawn of aggro wolves. You will level up moderately fast there as well, but your newbie may be in danger of getting hit by the wolves. This will just be a short 4 levels though! 1 hit KO

Level 29-33

Ferocious Scorpion Lv38, (2373,551) Deep Blue

YEA! Your leveling's going to go super fast here (for a level 30). These scorpions are aggro, run slow and can be rayed in mobs of 2-3, and at one spawn, 4-5! Yep, thats how great the scorpions are. 1 hit KO as well, nice equipment drops.

Lvl 33-40

Werewolf Warriors Lv42, (755,2941) Deep Blue

Pretty close to the scorpions, these warriors give great EXP. Depending on your conch damage you will be able to kill them in 1-2 hits. The EXP gain is pretty good, and you can expect to be lvl 40 in a flash. The only thing is this part's troublesome, you will have to run around quite alot.

*****Now, you could either go all the way with wolves till Lv40 or if you get booooooreeddd, you could try out..

Pumpkin Knight Lv46 [Silver Mine 3]

This alternative is for those of you who's voyagers are stronger, lets say 50+. That way, the Knights can be killed in 2-3 hits, and the EXP would be quite a ton for your newbie. It is also good for those who are bored by the icy background of the wolves/scorps. The mines are quite a nice place to be in!


I have come to the end of my Experience Exchange guide, I hope you have enjoyed it as well as benefit you greatly.

It has been a wonderful experience writing this

Thank you once again,


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