[Leveling] Fast & Safe lvl up (Range atk, and Caster lvl45+)

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Views: Date: Jul 11 2007 04:09:28
This guide credits to JessZetaX ( Original Page )
Ok Here is a safe lvling guide for lvl 45-46-47-48-49-50 to 55.


This guide is for:

Range Attacker, and Spell Caster's

[For Example: Sharpshooter and Voyager]

As you see lvling gets hard when you pass lvl 45 and so on, Its also dangerous.

This guide will tell you where a place to lvl and how to do it.

  • First you go to Argent City and buy a boat.
  • Then you set your map coords to [Ascaron: 3616, 743]

Note: Avoid the high lvl sea monster.

Now your on the iland and you will see lvl 49-51 Mob's
Dont get scared cus here is now the guide how to kill this
High Mob if you still dont know how.

The Trick of Killing this Monsters is what we call "Hit and Run."
Where you Hide by a rock while hiting the monster or you hit it then run till the monster stop to follow you and go back then thats when you strike.

Thats the end of this guide I hope this help you out.

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