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This guide credits to linwyn ( Original Page )
Here's a few of the most common in-game questions we've come across, more will be added as needed. - special thanks go out to tides

Information contained in this guide:


Technical Questions:

Which ports does Tales of Pirates use?
Top uses the following ports: ( TCP: 1983 and TCP: 21 )

To open these ports follow these simple steps:
Click your Start Menu - Open the Control Panel - Click the Network Connections Icon- Right click on your connection and go to Properties - Click the Advanced tab - choose Settings - Exceptions - Add port - Select TCP and type ports in 1 at a time.

How do I allow Tales of Pirates through my firewall?
Click your Start Menu - Open your Control Panel - Click the Windows FIrewall icon - Click the Exception Tab, you'll see an "Add Program" button. Just click this and locate Tales of Pirates on your computer. (the game is usually located at c:/program files/Tales of Pirates Online)

It's safer to just allow the game through then to disable your firewall, this will allow the game access through while still keeping your computer safe.

Solution for font problems in-game
Right click on your desktop, choose 'Properties'.
Then choose 'Settings' and click on 'Advanced'. With an ATi card choose 3D
There should be a mark, called 'Customized settings'. Mark this option off

Also make sure your font is set to normal 96dpi, this will fix the problem in most cases, if you're still having a problem contact us in the help center.


The Basics:

How do I follow someone?
alt + click on the character you want to follow

Can I turn off chat channels and how do i do it?
Yes, click on the channel button at the bottom left of the chatbox (looks like a speech bubble) and check the channels you want or dont.

What happens when I die?
You lose 2% exp. At level 20 you will start to lose 5% durabilty of all your equip that you have equipped when you die also. Equipment can then be repaired at the blacksmith

How do I view all items/players name?
Press shift

How do I sit?
Press Insert - sitting will help you regenerate hp and sp faster

lol Talk to the arena admin at 2224, 2883 argent and buy a medal of valor. After that you can issue a challenge to people and have a bout with them.The maze maps are also pk zones.

How can I duel wield?
You must be a swordsman to wield two swords, if you have 2 one handed swords and are in the swordsman or crusader class you can equip them both by dragging one to your empty shield space.

What are the Keyboard Shortcuts in the game?
Check this page for the common ingame shortcuts

What is the maximum level in the game?
Currently the max level is 100


Ship Questions:

How do I get a boat?
Talk to the shipbuilder in each of the cities listed below. You'll have to build one, the price will vary depending on the ship you choose and its parts/stats.

The cords for the builders are
Argent City - 2255, 2801
Shaitan - 901, 3668
Icicle - 1221, 628
Thundoria - 1062, 1291

Can I have other people on my ship?
No, they will need to have their own ship

Ships need fuel. What happens if it runs out of fuel?
Once your ship runs out of fuel the durability will slowly decrease (this is your ship's hp) Once this reaches 0 your ship will sink and you will need to revive in town. Once there you can right click your vessel deed, located at the bottom right is the dock that your ship was closest to when it sank. Head to this dock and speak with the Harbor Master to salvage your ship

How do I level my ship?
Talk to a ship builder and you can upgrade/level it if your ship has the required xp and it will also cost you a small amount of money. Here's a guide that lists the amount of xp and gold you'll need for each level. Your ship gains xp by just being on the water, however after level 30 this will stop. To gain experience from ship level 30 on you'll need to kill sea mobs for xp.

How do I refuel my ship?
You can return to a harbor and choose refuel or you can refuel at sea if you have the fishing skill. Fishmeat will be stored in your ship's cargo if you have available space, to refuel while at sea click your vessel deed and click the cargo button, then double click the fishmeat to refuel

Where can I buy (insert) ship?
Argent city - guppy , flying fish , transporter , swordfish
Shaitan - guppy, windseeker, turtle , torrent
Icicle - flying fish ,windseeker, turtle, eagle
Thundoria - flying fish , turtle ,swordfish, phantom

Where else can I dock with my ship?
Argent City - 2295, 2853
Zephyr Island - 3284, 3348
Glacier Isle - 2292, 1122
Outlaw Isle - 3616, 743

Magical Ocean
Shaitan City - 823, 3698
Canary Isle - 1744, 3774
Isle of Chill - 2374, 735
Cupid Isle - 2528, 2393

Deep Blue
Atlantis Snow Field - 1214, 681
Isle of Fortune - 1642, 1986
Spring Town - 3409, 2560
Summer Island Habour 1 : 3669.2635 ¡¡
Summer Island Habour 2 : 3341.3527

The freight dude says I dont have my ship docked!! So what am I supposed to do??!!
You have to get your ship over to the town you want to load wood/do whatever with the freight dude. You can't load wood in argent while your ship is in deepblue and vice versa


Skill and Stat Questions:

What do the stats do?
str - increases dmg
con - adds hp , hp recovery and defense
acc - increases ranged dmg and hit rate
agi - increases attack speed and dodge rate
spr - increases SP and sp recovery

Where can I buy skill books?
From the grocers in the 3 cities
Hunter skills are sold in Icicle
Swordsman skills are sold in Argent
Explorer skills are sold in Argent
Herbalist skills are sold in Shaitan

What is the benefit of upgrading set stall?
Upgrading this skill will allow you to sell more items :)

How do I cut wood?
You'll need to learn the woodcutting skill and have an axe. (the skillbooks can be purchased from the grocer and the axe from the blacksmith) Once you have these head to a woodcutting area (you'll notice an orange dot on your mini-map) and click on the tree you want to chop. Level 1 trees are the green pine trees, level 2 are the orange. The woodcutting areas usually have aggressive mobs near so stay alert at all times.

Leveling up this skill will allow you to chop the level 2 and 3 trees, after that increasing your skill level will increase the drop rate.

For a list of woodcutting areas visit the lifeskill guide

How do I fish?
You'll need to learn the fishing skill and have a boat with a fishing net. Sail to an area with fish, an example is just south of argent harbor, you'll see an orange dot on your map. Drag the fishing skill to a hotkey then simply press the hotkey and click the fish swarm. Sashimi is kept in your characters inventory and fishmeat is collected in your boat's cargo hold

Level 2 fishing will allow you to fish the countiful swarms, leveling the skill higher will increase the drop rate.

For a list of fishing areas visit the lifeskill guide

How do I salvage?
You'll need to learn the salvage skill and have a boat equipped with a mechanical arm. Sail to one of the coordinates listed in the guide below. You'll notice an orange dot on your mini-map when you're near a salvage area. Drag the salvage skill to a hotkey or just double click the skill, then click the sunken ship. You'll notice barrels of items floating up, simply pick up the ones you want to sell.

Leveling up this skill will allow you to salvage faster and will increase the drop rate.

For a list of salvage areas visit the lifeskill guide

How do I mine?
You'll need to learn the mining skill and purchase a pickaxe from the blacksmith. Once you have these head to a mining location and click the ore. There are 3 different types of ore you can mine - crystal ore, iron ore and energy ore. These are mainly used for the commerce quests.

Leveling this skill will increase the drop rate.

For a list of mining areas visit the lifeskill guide

What does the Repair skill do?
This skill allows you to repair structures during a guild war


Miscellaneous Questions:

Where can I find bubble clam meat, sea snail meat and elven fruit?
Bubble clam meat is from bubble clams on the beach north of argent
Sea snail meat is from sea snails on the beach southwest of argent
Elven fruit is dropped by numerous creatures a few examples are mystic shrubs and forest spirits

Where do I get Apples/Cake/Bread?
You buy them from Physician npc's.

Where is the Jade Bangle!!
651, 3320

How do I change my hairstyle/color?
To change your hairstyle/color, visit a Hairstylist npc. You must have a hairstyling voucher and a hairstyle book for your character to be able to do it. Each hairstyle has item requirements (colorants for the color desired, gel, scissors or comb), in addition to the 100k fee.
View the Hairstyle guides for more information. information - pictures

How do I get to the other towns?
Look for the teleporter npc in their respective cities. You can teleport to the other cities for ?500. If you're below level 10 its free

Where is Abandoned Mine Haven - Icicle Haven - Oasis Haven?
This is a common question, and I'll provide the coordinates here since they are the "main" havens. Please note that all other havens are accessible through these via teleporters, which only cost 200g.

Abandoned Mine Haven - Argent: 1912, 2802
Icicle Haven - Icicle: 818, 354
Oasis Haven - Shaitan: 803, 3114

either you are lagging or the server is lagging.The gms also say that you CAN solve this by turning off "movment" in game options

I'm poor. how do I get more money?
Hunt lower level monsters that you can easily and quickly kill, sell everything. Fish, woodcut or mine then set up a stall to sell for people doing the commerce quests. Fill your ship's cargo with items to sell and run commerce to the islands.

I killed a mob that was way higher then me, but I got little exp. Why?
To gain max exp from a mob it cannot be more then 9 lvls higher then you. So if you see ???? in front of its name, you wont get much exp.

Where do I buy rings and accessories?
Check out the necklace merchant list and the ring merchant list

How do I use the Treasure Maps?
For all the information on the maps, head over here

How do I use, purchase and recharge my corals?
Corals are only used by the explorer / voyager class, they use them almost like sp to cast their spells.
The level 1 and 2 corals can be purchased from Coral Vendor Lamon northwest of Argent (2061, 2543) after level 2 you'll need to hunt for your corals, they are drops from most sea creatures.

I don't recommend you recharge the level 1 corals, just purchase new ones when you run out

To recharge corals level 2 and above you'll need a boat. Once you've got your boat keep an eye on the system message just above the world chat window. You will notice weather coordinates. To charge your thunder coral you would need to sail into a thunderstorm, to charge a wind coral, sail into a tornado, etc. Just equip the coral you need to charge then sail into the storm and watch your corals recharge. You boat will take damage while in a storm.


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