[Pet] Fairy Items Guide!

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Views: Date: Oct 29 2007 02:50:29
This guide credits to Treillerti, from the official forum ( Original Page )

So, you've turned on your game, and you keep getting a "DING" for an invisible Fairy Coin? And once in awhile. . an Elven Signet. .

Let's explain this. . One at a time.

To get your Fairy Coins/Elven Signet, they're hidden in your brand new Temporary Bag !

Use your mouse to go over and click on the Green picture (for inventory. . You can't get the Temporary Bag by hitting ALT+E). .  Then you get two choices, you need to click the right one for you to get into your nifty Bag. These items can be moved into your Inventory, Traded, at will.
Or you can use ALT+D

Where to use your coins, follow the link to my other guide.

Coins, Signet's, etc, can also be used at the Black Market which is supposed to be next to the Fairy Market, but has yet to be added to the game until the next version.

Fairy Coins

These are used to exchange for possible Unsealed Items (Lv35-60) with the new Black Market NPC in Icicle City.

You obtain ONE Fairy Coin from a 1st Generation pet every 2 Growth.
When you get around to a 2nd Generation pet, you get ONE coin, every 1 Growth.

Elven Signet

Elven Signet's are used to create what's called "Reality Masks." These are used to ENTER the new Mirage Cities, which required is Lv70+.

You obtain ONE Elven Signet every 60 Growth on a 1st Generation Pet.
On a 2nd Generation pet, you obtain ONE Elven Signet every 30 Growth.

BOTH Generations obtain an Elven Signet at 120 Growth.

When a PET (Both Generations) has earned 1200 Growth, it will obtain a rare Elven Royal Signet.

I'll post pictures to help show these conclusions, thanks.

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