[Quest] Explorers Life Quest Guide (<20) Maps Included

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Views: Date: May 22 2007 06:43:38
This guide credits to Outofhere ( Original Page )
First off:
I just started playing TOP about a week ago, my highest character is just below lvl 30 (and not a voy) but knowing that I was confused at some point during the game i have decided to share some knowledge.

What is the Explorers Life Quest and Why Should I Do It?
The Explorers Life Quest is a quest available to explores, the tasks for which are quite easy (the hardest being a long walk), and the pay-off is not bad

After compelling one task (you turn in the current quest) you receive some cash
And after completing 10 consecutive tasks (10 in a row) you receive the usual and an item! The item can vary and is at least worth 1,000 at store.

Types of Tasks
There are three types of tasks:
Item Retrieval
Monster Elimination

Just about like all quests really, but the simplicity of them is what makes this a great opportunity, several of the item retrieval quests are just for apples or bread of which you can buy at the Physician and the reward for which is greater than the expense. So, in fact, you could (i guess) buy 99 apple/bread and keep abandoning the quests until you got a item retrieval quest (but the income rate would suck)

Item Retrieval Tasks
silky soft wool              wacky lamb
pure wool             cuddly lamb
bamboo shoot          angelic panda
pig tail                 piglet
glass                         forest spirit, piglet
apple                   Ditto (Physician)
bread                   Ditto (Physician)

Monster Elimination Tasks
Cuddly Lamb
Wacky Lamb
Angelic Panda

Delivery Tasks
Innkeeper Marriam
Sailer Coddy
General William
Greg(Abandon Mine)

Little Daniel-(2193, 2730)-Quest Begin/Turn in
Mystic Shrub-(2118,2638)-Elven Fruit, Medicated Grass
Forest Spirit-(2088, 2750)-Glass
Piglet-(1950, 2563)alt(1975,2458)-Pig Tail
Cuddly Lamb-(2057, 2638)-Pure Wool
Whacky Lamb-(1968, 2697)-Silky Soft Wool
Angelic Panda-(1655, 2563)-Bamboo Shoot

Little Daniel-(2193, 2730)-Quest Begin/Turn in               
Innkeeper Marriam-(2211, 2781)
Physican Ditto-(2250, 2770)-Sells Apple,Bread
Sailer Coddy-(2219, 2911)
General William-(2277, 2831)
Greg(Abandon Mine)-(1883, 2805)

NOTE: These are not of the best quality and i do not claim that fact, they are just purely functional maps

I would recommend following the beach for most of the trip to the Angelic Panda's, this is because there are some monsters (if u go the other way) which will attack you for no apparent reason (oh my!) they are not an extreme threat but in large numbers they could kill a pure spirit explorer ;D

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