[Class] Easy peasy explorer/voyager guide from 1-40 and eventually 40+

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This guide credits to kaminarukuzu ( Original Page )
Title says all, so I'll just cut to the chase.

Ami, Lance, and Phyllis can all become Explorers/voyagers, which are excellent on sea and as well as land.
Choose one of them, pick your looks and then start in Argent City/Ascaron. Start off by talking to the Newbie guide at 2223, 2785.
Do all of her little quests until you become level 5. SAVE YOUR POINTS TILL THEN. Now that you are level 5, you choose your build for Voyager/explorer.
My current char is full spr with some con mixed in, so my spells are high damage dealing.
Theres also pure con, but I don't know much about them.

From 5 to 10, kill monsters your level around argent city.

Monsters from 5-9 (or 10)
Mini Bee 2059, 2753
Greedy shroom 2220, 2564
Grass tortoise 2057, 2564

By now You should be level 9/10. Talk to the Newbie Guide again to become an explorer. Little daniel is at 2193, 2730, a bit north from the teleporter. Talk to him, and kill 10 Piglets which are at 1950, 2563. Watch out, they hit hard and are aggro. after this, talk to Daniel again and become an Explorer. Past level 10, get diligence to level 2 and start to dump points into Lightning bolt (skills are bought at the grocer Jimberry at 2232, 2729). Kill Bear Cubs with lightning bolt at 1905, 2853 till you can't sustain them anymore (20 ish, I think?)

Now, make your way to Angelic Pandas at 1655, 2563. Kill them till 25 or so. Now, here it's up to you. You could Sail the seas and level while on a ship or you can go to Silver mine 1 on foot (near bear cubs) and party.

Around 30 or so, Head off to Abandoned mine 1 (anyone know the coords? I forgot them) and stay at the front while killing the moles as they spawn. Remember, the cave at the entrance is safe from any monster. stay there till 42 or so.

At 40, Talk to little daniel to become a Voyager. He will tell you to sail to 4 islands and talk to the Traders there. Hope you have enough money to refuel, I didn't and hardly got back to Argent city with 8/660 fuel. Tadaa! you're a voyager.

~more on after voyager later~

Skill setup:
2 Dilligence
10 Lightning Bolt
2 Tornado
3 Current (optional)
5 Conch Armor

~Voyager skills~
10 Conch Ray
The rest I havent decided, butthese are reccomended.

More later.

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