[Class] DMG Champion Guide - Lv1~44

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Views: Date: Jan 03 2007 09:30:27
This guide credits to ahdrew, from the official forum ( Original Page )

my champion just reach level 41 2 days ago.. i found out leveling a champion is not really tough.... and i think a tanker for a party is not enough.. why??

1. Limited SP to cast all debuff..
2. Not enough time to cast debuff ... Tiger Road 2sec.. Will of Steel 2sec.. Break armor 1.5sec.. and etc.. etc
3. can't hold aggro on 2 or more monster easily.. u need help from other class..
4. what if you run out of mana ?? i don't think sit and let monster hit u like nuts is a good idea??

So.. basically.. i can see there are two types of Champion..

First , Main tanker -Major in Con.. Agi+Str adjust urself ... this type usually in charge of tanking the BOSS ... and receive most damage.. if you feel proud that everyone do healing and follow ur way to fight.. then i think u will enjoy playing this class..

Second, Offtanker - average of CON + Str + Agi.. this take parts in taking off those aggressive mob from caster and hunter.. and let them fully concerntrate on DPS(damage per second, another word.. damage) ... and cut down the burden of maintanker to taunt extra mob that spawn next to healer.. and because offtanker can get extra debuff point to support dps class.. for example max Break Armor skill..and etc etc....

p/s : u may feel useless when u see ur low dmg compare to main tanker.. but nvm.. u have fast atk spd.. ur overall dmg will catch up easily after a fight longer than 1 min..

i think stat basically don't go full CON.. or full AGI.. make ur class more useful in different situation.. and don't ask for detail stats like 76 con and 42 agi(nothing is perfect and don't be a robot) i prefer...

for main tanker.. please select STR+Con build.. so that you can dmg and high defense.. 2con:1str is pretty good ratio.. but go for more str at first 20.. life go easier.. because you don't require group play before that..

for offtanker.. 2agi:1con .. u can deal dmg while maintanker is tanker....

Maintanker - take all requirement for champion.. you have to take note on 2 skills only... taunt level 10.... and sword mastery lvl10(this is an argue, Hold a mob u need skill level+damage you deal.. For example.. why a mage that deal 1200 dmg lightning can pull away ur taunt? because his dmg more much higher than u ... so if your taunt level max.. then u need to rely ur dmg deal to the monster... )Maintanker prepare good shield and 1 hand sword.. so great sword mastery can put it at a side..

Offtanker - ill be playing this class.. i suggest offtanker should take break armor lvl10.. taunt lvl1.. the rest of the skills point keep it for champion..

Leveling and grinding field .. i think this is what you are reading for...REMEMBER use dual wielding or 2handed sword.. don't follow exactly the level i write down below.. everytime u see a monster name in green color.. please don't grind there anymore.. unless you are helping ur friend ..

level 1~11.. finish all newbie quest and set up ur journey.. always take swordman quest and story quest together..

level 11~16.. whack Bear Cub (1905,2853) easily untill its name become green.. i think it will turn green when level 17.. camp at a place with 3~4 cub spawn..

level 17~19.. whack Sentry Crab (1783,2507) .. they have high exp.. less dmg and low armor.. i can't remember the coord.. but notice the land mark.. go look for the Armored King Crab that next to a small pool (left side of the king crab).. in between the pool.. there are at least 2 sentry crab spawn every 20 sec... sometimes comes out 4.. but u can kill them easily

level 19~22.. Angelic Panda (1655,2563) this is too easy to kill .. they deal very very very low dmg.. and they are passive .. look a place with 4~5 spawn.. and camp there.. if you have a healer with you.. go Killer Shroom (1595,2689).. and invite more swordie.. best group is 3 swordie and 1 healer.. hunter and mage not really good... they will die in sight.. if too many surround them..

level 22~26..Smuggler (1624,3017) remember.. don't go here unless u got healer or explorer with you... best group.. 2 sword+1 healer + 1explorer.. explorer can 1 hit KO them easily.. swordie stand at 1 spot nonstop whacking and explorer kill those smuggler that try to attack healer..

level 27~30.. Rookie Boxeroo i forgot the coord.. but go to andes forest.. i remember at 5oclock direction are bandits.. and 1oclock direction are Rookie Boxeroo.. u can kill them easily alone.. but its better to party with any class.. hunter/explorer/herbalist.... i don't think this is fast enough.. if you don't mind.. move to Magical Ocean and look for Sand Rider (1027,3011) or Feral Wolf (1473,3295) kill them with a healer is best.... these 2 are very very exp banker..

level 31~33.. go deep blue.. Combat Piglet (1455,560) ... best group.. swordman,healer,hunter.. find 1 safe spot.. with a thing blocking in between you and healer.. so that monster can't walk to the healer easily.. and u can save ur mana to taunt .. hunter can shoot those combat piglet that is stuck.. but don't try to kill those combat piglet that hitting your swordman.. they will die sooner or later.. maximise the exp rate..

level 32~34.. Mad Boar (910,2971) this is crazy experience giver.. don't try to kill them alone.. go with a small team with healer.. group of 3 enough.. they don't have enough number of mad boar to support 4/5 player group.. don't group with swordman.. mean.. 1 healer.. 1 swordie.. another one hunter or explorer.. because their spawn point kind a far to each other... 2 swordman takes too much time to walk to the monster.. they will come to atk u .. but they walk slow.. :)

level 34~36.. haha.. this is great fun time.. find a group of 4~5.. go silver mine(at abandon haven).. camp at bottom left corner of the mine.. miner mole.. and bat are giving u all good exp.. fight there untill bat turn green color.. don't go with gorup of 3.. at least 4 person.. P/S keep panacea for Cleric promotion quest

level 36~40.. no other choice... grind abandon mine.. it is the 9oclock direction entrance mine in ascoran.. find 1 herbalist...( grind the top lane.. only if you don't have hunter/explorer helping) .. if you have helper.. REMEMBER.. don't find a party that has more than 1 swordman.. this mine is not swordman field. u can't kill ninja mole easily.. they dodge too much.. unless u buy level 25+ hit ring.... look for hunter.. explorer.. .. healer follow hunter and explorer.. and you hit alone with all the herbalist buff.. grind at top lane.. patrol the top lane.. and kill miner mole first... ninja mole leave it at last... let ur healer walk over to buff u again.. and heal u once a while..
p/s: Ninja Mask and criss sword will drop here.. remember ask ur groupmate to keep it for ur promotion quest.. especially criss sword.. it worth 88k in vendor..

lvl 40~44.. fight around skeleton haven.. a lot of nice exp monster and don't really dmg u hard.. for example.. skeleton archer.. snowvy turtle.. and SCORPION.. they gives nice exp.. u can solo them easily.. if you prefer to fight in group... don't walk together... do it like this " u camp this 5 scorpion.. i camp another 5 scorpion.. " but make sure u all sharing exp..

P/s : remember
1. always take ur swordman quest along .. if the quest want to go thundoria.. or another far place.. abandon it.. and take it again.. do this only if you are really rush for level.. if not don't do that.. because u will lose money everytime u abandon swordman quest..

2. don't bring shield to leveling.. basically u don't need a shield untill u go maze or before level 40.. and don't team with afk teammate.. or loot whore..

3. Spend money on buying necklace .. ring and cake... but.. if you are not rich.. don't change ring every 5 levels... especially necklace... buy it every 10 levels.. or 15... and sell it back to player.. but not vendor..

4. if you are wield 2 swords.. please put the HIGHER DMG weapon on the left weapon slot.. and equip lower dmg weapon on right weapon slot.. because they are right handed.. there is no left handed character.. haha

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