Artes little distance fight guide (SS)

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Artes little distance fight guide (SS)

First of all i would like to welcome all the players who wanna experience the art of non-hand to hand combat. Hope ull like that. Many people call us hunters and sharpshooters cowards due to fact we arent fighting mobs face to face but thats nonsense. As every class has his specifications we have our fighting style and i am sure its honorabe way of fighting. I say even most stubborn crus will learn wield bow if u prevent him using from IS,stealth and shadow slash

Before we start lets make few things clear:
1. This guide is no Bible i can be wrong in many things, u dont have to trust me in everything,so dont forget to ask ask and ask. Aks hunters,sharpshooters and all the classes as well.

2. NOBODY absolutely NOBODY even your mom (in way of your game style) has NO NO NO right to critize your way of playing game. If u arent sure that misters mega hyper strong pure acc SS advice is right dont do it or ask more players.

3. Guide is way tooooo far from being closed or completed so any tips,corrections and constructive critic are really welcommed. writing style is kinda weird,so sorry if ull think many parts have nothing to do with SS,but in fact they are connected more than u can expect.

A. SOME SHORTCUTS - explanation
C. BUILDS - pure and hybrids
D. PvP


str - strength pet-fairy
hp - hit points acc -accuracy
att - attack att rate-attack rate
con - constitution dmg-damage
pr - physical resistance agi - agility
aspd-attack speed def - defense
spr - spirit sp-spell points
repu-reputation mvm-many vs many players
pvp-player vs player pvm-player vs many
exp-experience aoe -area of attack
SI- shadow insignia (see sealmaster)  
ES - energy shield (see cleric)  
IS-Illusion slash (see crus)  



RANGE MASTERY - adds +2 attack per skill level (2-20 att in total), attack adding skill neccesary for another skills,no further comment
WINDWALK - requires range mastery lvl 2, increase speed movement of player by 2% per skill point (2-20% movement speed in total)
+ this skill is very useful in certain times like during pvp (pvp players really recommend to max as soon as possible) or hexathlon
- if u are training disciples and he is in auto follow mode u can ge too far from him making auto follow deactivate and disciple may remain open to attack by mobs
DUAL SHOT - requires range mastery lvl 3, fix consumption of 20 SP, adds 1,7x atk on lvl 1 + 0,15 every subsequent level (x1,7 - 3,05 in total), makes u shoot 3 magical arrows at once
+ this skill can serve as ,,ilussion slash for SS" especially when maxed in combination with huge acc allows u do do huge dmg by one shot - very useful during hex and for fighting another non con SS, same goes for low hp mobs, skill for quick kill and reserve shot to save life
- skill cooldown time around 6 sec, 20 SP is really much in beggining - so leave enough SP for at least one shot to prevent death
ROUSING - requires windwalk lvl 4 , fix consumption of 25 SP, increase attack speed by 11 for 15 sec at lvl 1 + 1 aspd each subsequent level,(+11-20 aspd in total)
+ skill allows u to get first shot in SS fight when used properly and especially in beginnings to fight bigger groups of mobs with less damage taken
- cooldown 30 seconds and ehm +1 aspd is kinda worthless bonus for skill point...
FROZEN ARROW - requires dual shot lvl 2, fixed consumption of 15 SP,increase dmg by 1,2 + each subsequent level and slows target down, 1 glacial looking spike
+ skill which slows target and makes great dmg, especially when maxed is very dangerous, higly recommend for pure bow hunters or SS ,skill for quick kill and reserve shot to save life
- cooldown time cca 20 sec
METEOR SHOWER - requires frozen arrow lvl 5, consumption of 28 SP on lvl 1 (description says about fixed consumption of 48 SP), deals 60% of dmg in certain area + 10 % each sub level (60% - 150% of dmg in total),an area of effect attack - after casting arrows will start falling from sky damaging mobs in certain area
+ aoe attack ,useful in pvp to reveal cruses in stealth mode, farming purposes
- low dmg in beginning and nothing extra when maxed, dont recommend to put more than 1-2 points, cooldown time cca 30 sec, small area of effect
VENOM ARROW - requires dual shot lvl 4, consumption of 20 SP on lvl 1 (description says about fixed consumption of 15 SP), deals 12 dmg for 20 sec on lvl 1 +2 dmg each sub level 12-30 dmg in total),
poisonuos purple arrow
+ this skill can serve as marker when unstealted crus is going to stealth mode to allow u to see him for a while longer (not confirmed in action)
- 12-30 dmg ... good enough only for shrooms, 30 seconds cooldown time


FIREGUN MASTERY - requires range mastery lvl 10, adds 6 to minimal and 10 to maximal dmg per level, (6/10-60/100 in total),no further comment
MAGMA BULLET - requires firegun mastery lvl 5, consumes 17 sp + 2 sp each sub level (17-35 in total), damages 33 dmg per sec for 10 sec and 10 dmg per sec bonus + 3 to dmg each sub level (33+10 - 60+37 per sec in total), its an area of effect attack
+ this skill is veeeeery useful in pvp - cause it damages enemy, makes invisible units visible, debuffs (clearing all buffs casted on enemy) and to all ppl in area of effect of skill, standing in bulet is one way how to avoid stun (stun from stealthed crus to be precise)
- small area of effect, 20 sec cooldown time,low dmg
CRIPPLE - requires frozen arrow lvl 5, consumes 10 sp on lvl 1+ 0,5 sp per sub level (10-14,5 SP in total), decreases movement speed by 50% and dodge rate by 20% for 5 sec at lvl 1,movement speed penalty increases by 2,5% and duration by 1 sec per sub level (5-14 sec in total), long narrow yellow conch shot against single target
+ slows down enemy and weakens it by reducing his dodge rate ,useful against all kinds of mobs especially against fast,strong in numbers and those with high dmg and in pvp to slow down and weaken enemy - especially good a against cruses since dodge rate is one of their trumpf cards, skill has pretty high base dmg making it ideal for ,,ensurance shots" or as emergency shot if needed, higher casting range than that of normal attack in my personal opinion its best SS skill
- cooldown time cca 10 sec,lower duration on boss mobs
ENFEEBLE - requires cripple lvl 5, consumes 26 SP at lvl 1 + 1 SP for each sub level, cooldown time cca 20 sec, reduces attack of target by 20% and prevents skill usage for 5 sec ,duration increased by 0,5 sec per skill lvl (5-9,5 sec in total)
+ weakens enemy attack - great against hard hitting mobs, useful in pvp since it prevents your enemies from using skills-base of pvp fights with all magical chars, great against ranged mobs (for example lvl 60 bloodthirsty hunters) since it PREVENTS THEM FROM ATTACKING - however after casting if seen by mob,ull still get the first shot from it,great agains boss mobs - aries guardian,black dragon etc. cause it stops their veeeeeery destructive skills many SS believe this is best SS skill
- cooldown time cca 20 sec, some ranged units arent affected by this skill and keep attacking even after enfeebled,and TIME DURATION of skill on bosses IS NOT 10 sec when maxed but around 3 sec
HEADSHOT - requires enfeeble lvl 5, sp comsumption of 32 SP at lvl 1 + 2 each sub level (32-50 sp in total),deals 350 dmg on lvl 1 ignoring defence + 30 dmg per sub skill (350-620 dmg in total), reduces targets health by 5-10%
+ this skill does fixed dmg, making 2500 dmg on mobs with huge hp and defence
- cooldown time cca 37,5 sec, brutal requirements on sp, the hp reduction definitely doesnt work on boss so 10% reduction of blackdragons life on 1 shot = nice dream (ull cast 2500 dmg instead),low fixed dmg, dont use against low hp mobs - waste of SP


Basically there are 2 kinds of builds:
1.pure builds means players adds all his stat points into one stat,lets say accuracy (acc)
2. hybrid - players put they stat into 2(usual),3(rare),4(exceptional) or 5(omg O.O) stats
In fact there is no such a thing as pure build,cause even after putting every single stat point into 1 stat,after lvl 64 ull reach stat maximum which is 100 points. After that u have to put your another stat in order do improve your attack or survivality. So basically when talking about ,,pure" or ,,hybrid" stats we mean character evolution way till lvl 64.

1.PURE STR - I am not kidding. This SS really exists. Stat is based on idea that SS have pretty big hand to hand dmg compared to another classes, it can even match with cruses dmg with little efford. Idea is simple - put all your stat points into str. U can challenge different characters to hand to hand combat matches where ABSOLUTELY NOBODY will expect pure str SS:) crucial to this build is maxing rousing and windwalk as soon as possible and proper using of agi and acc rings,or u can try use 2 rings adding critical hits. Just for fun character.
+ absolutely original build,killing mobs by hands means no crus can say u r coward:) and fun
- really low leveling speed - reccomend avoiding aggressive mobs, plvl is probably only good way, low aspd,low hp,low sp,low dodge

2.PURE CON - put all your stats into con and afte 64 u can choose. Most popular second stat is acc to improve your damage and hit rate,but adding agi will make u even harder to kill,shooting fast but with low damage it will makes u only all survining sealing SS. Or u can add acc and agi which is strenge since it reduces all good from 2nd stat,but still possible option.
Crutial is to get your SS skills as soon as possible-especially cripple and enfeeble. About equips
I really reccomend using hit rate / accuracy / critical hit rate adding rings and equips adding extra con and acc (CA frame for example)
+ really high survivality, with good equips u can compete with another SS in dmg or aspd,cruses shouldnt be able to 1 slash ko u like another builds - of course not for all cruses 6 k life wont help ya agains 30 k illusion..., big options for pvp fights, fight against magical based mobs
- veeeery slow leveling - mentor reccomended,lack of dmg or aspd or both, probably most expensive build,after adding agi u can became sealing slave of guild,but adding acc will make u snail in shooting and getting all dmg on your own

3.PURE ACC - putting all your stats into acc means ull make hell of dmg causing mobs die till they reach u. Well,nice theory. Its true u can make really impressive dmg by single shots but due to low aspd i doubt mobs wont scratch u. After reaching 64 comes dilema... putting stats to agi will make u faster shooter with nice dodge rate, adding to con makes u harder to kill and reduces dmg u take. Or u can try both but ... i think one stat but good made is better choice.
Crutial is to get equips improving stats as much as possible - especially those u lack - adding agi when con as 2nd stat or opposite ,same goes for rings.
+ impressive dmg, really high hit rate, high critical hit rate, probably most favourite and most respected build,pretty good leveling
- an another candidate for most expensive build, low aspd,dodge and low hp makes u an easy prey - u gotta do your best to not get hit

4.PURE AGI - somehow this build is kinda rare even when having great potencial. Simple as it is by putting all your stats into agi ull maintain ability to shoot like a machine gun (not literatelly:)) and dodge fair number of attacks. The problem is your definitely low dmg , fortunately there are many options how to fix that. This build is well suited to pure bow SS cause apsd reduction penalty of stronger guns affects the main advantage of this build. Really
really really recommend rings adding hit rate. After 64 comes choice - adding acc or adding con...
Adding con will make u sealing slave adding acc will make u stronger but lacking hps and defense.
+ chesting in dangerous areas - DW for example, with good equips very strong build, rare,high dodge, farming mobs with low hp but in great numbers by single attacks, nice relax after pure acc
- ull be happy if u hit doors to barn (low hit rate), lack of hp means disadvantage against magical attacks (no chance to dodge)

5.PURE SPR - not kidding again. Even this heretical build exists. Main purpose is in farming low level mobs or being able to seal without using the pet. After reaching 64... well i doubt ull use it this long,add con dont even try another combinations survivality is only chance of not get crazy.
+ farming wo using pets - by using magma bullet, sealing mobs, really rare build, low hit rate is no problem since char rellies on using skills, cheap build, u can use skills much more when leveling
- sloooow leveling up - mentor is reaaaaly recommended,low hp,low dodge,low hit rate,low dmg,... high chance to get crazy while leveling

6.PURE BOW - rare build stats depend on your choice,but i guess pure acc or agi or hybrid will be fine. Crucial is that u remain focuse on using ONLY your bow skills which mean ull max them as fast as possible. The big problem is equipment -not armors but weapons. Cause npc sell bows up to lvl 35... and getting bows for higher levels (for example Twilight for lvl 75) requires crafting skill. Craft these bows is really hard so u can imagine their prices...
+ ull fight from longer distance than SS using guns, faster attacking due to no aspd reduction
- lower dmg than gun SS

7.FLASH STEPPER - this isnt concerned about stats or skills but equips. All u need is get equips adding aspd such unsealed 55 eva set and of course maxing windwalk and getting speed neckie.
Using possesion is good idea,since it adds great speed.
Extra speed can be maintained by using skating or acceleration potions (item mall or award center). Those who have kyllin set can use it as well...
+ u can bet ull be in andes first during hexathlon, and moving with huge speed makes me use word ,,cool",putting ,,flashsteppers" set aside can bring u lot of fun
- all depends on equips,but most advantages can be reduced by making this build only as switching mode

There are some really bad ideas :
str+acc,str+agi,str+con,str+spr,acc+str,acc+spr,agi+str,agi+spr,spr+str/agi/con/acc trust me,if u wanna try them only for fun,or u risk your own health by making these combinations.

Acc+AGI - distribute stats in ratio 3:1 or 2,5:1 for acc,con equips to keep balance
+ hit rate,dmg,dodge rate,aspd, very popular
- low hp,defense,one hit ko from IS
ACC+CON - use ratio 3:1 or 2,5:1 for acc:con,agi equips needed
+ hit rate,dmg,hp,defense, probably most popular hybrid
- low aspd,dodge rate
AGI+ACC - pure agi + acc or using ratio 3: 1 for agi, con adding equips are welcommed
+ aspd,dodge rate,hit rate,dmg
- survivality due to low hps
AGI+CON - agi agi agi till 64 then con,or using ratio 2:1 for agi,hit rate rings are neccesary,good sealer of non-magic attacks using mobs
+ aspd,dodge rate,survivality
- dmg and hit rate
CON+ACC - pure con adding acc after lvl 64 or using ratio 2:1
+ survivality, hit rate,attack
- attack speeeeeeeeeed,and low dodge
CON+AGI - u can start as pure con - adding all your stats into con and after reaching 64 all put into agi or u can dicide your stats lets say with 1:2 ratio for agi:con, very good for sealing purposes (requires pet with meditation),good against magical based mobs
+ survivality
- atack..., expensive build (agi+con stuff is hard to get)
ACC+AGI+CON - 10-15 in con (lets say 17 con in total),25-30 points to agi (32 in total) and rest to acc ,while keeping ballance 1 agi to 2 acc,after agi around 32 max acc,when accuracy reaches 100 (around lvl 80-81) the remaining stats will be distributed to agi and con - equally or with 2 to con,1 to agi rate.
+ higher hp than agi or acc SSers,higher dodge than acc and con,bit more sp in the beginning-not neccessary,higher dmg than agi and con builds, kind of ,,i can do everything" build
- lower dodge than agi types,lower hp than con,lower hit rate and dmg than acc build, kind of ,,i suck in all" build
ACC+AGI+CON+SPR - really extraordinary u can say crazy idea, but my main character is this combination... Idea is that by carefull distribution of your stats u can reduce your weakspots while remaining quite good attack.
this build is extremely difficult to balance and requires lot of selfdiscipline,cause 1 more bad stat point and u can do it over. Idea is simple,put 1-4 stats into spr (lets say 7 spr in total),10-15 in con (lets say 17 con in total),25-30 points to agi (32 in total) and rest to acc,while keeping ballance 1 agi to 2 acc,after agi around 32 max acc,when accuracy reaches 100 (around lvl 80-81) the remaining stats will be distributed to agi and con - equally or with 2 to con,1 to agi rate. Really recommend to get mentor if possible and use the service of clubs and hexathlon (do it in party). To equips - ive had good experience with hp recovery neckies and critical hit rate improving rings.
+ higher hp than agi or acc SSers,higher dodge than acc and con,bit more sp in the beginning-not neccessary,higher dmg than agi and con builds,kind of ,,i can do everything" build, definitely original build
- lower dodge than agi types,lower hp than con,lower hit rate and dmg than acc build, kind of ,,i suck in all" build

D.PvP and MvM:

I am sorry ill skip this part,plz check another guides,but since there has been so much said about it,I dont wanna paste and glue stuff from there. Only one thing - WE ARENT CRUSADERS FOOD, problem is most of server population are crusaders,so crusader stuff
distribution,gemming and training is much better,so we can find heavily equipped crusader more often than SS.

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