[Daily Winter Quest]Resident Evil

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Resident Evil - Daily Quest

You Must Be Lvl 90 To Do This Quest

Resident Evil

Researcher Yee (Winter Island 296, 901)

··Visit Explorer Winston (472, 531) Snow Cara Island

Reward: 150k gold, 100k exp

Horrible Zombies

··Kill 30 Iron Mummy, 30 Steel Mummy (West of Thundoria Castle)

      Hint: For this you should carry a Thundoria Castle Ticket
             Iron Mummys are found near the bridge, and to the south of the bridge on both sides of the river.
             Steel Mummys are found NorthWest of the Bridge, largest spawn I have found is at (439, 1469) there are about 6 or 8 there.

Reward: 350k gold, 400k exp
      Hint: After you have completed this quest run back to dock and sail east to Snow Ville Isle

Crisis in Winter Island

··go to Explorer - Chris (1147, 403) Snow Ville Island

      Hint: For this quest if your not a cruser that can stealth, I would suggest taking the route in the following picture to
             Chris, don't follow the shoreline of the lake, there is a large spawn of snow leopards there than use a "cool" spell that
             slow your move speed thus making it alot easier to die.  If you give the lake edge a wide birth, then you should be able to
             get to Chris relatively easy

Reward: 150k gold, 100k exp

      Hint: Once you have reached Chris and picked up the quest to go to Jill, use an old ticket to go back to main
             tele on winter, then sail to Icy Lake Isle.

Jill needs Help

··go to Jill (958, 1159) Icy Lake Island

      Hint: On your way to Jill, if your a cruser its best to stealth all the way to her, for the rest of us, its easiest
                if you attempt stay as far away as possible if your alone because they can stun you.

Reward: 150k gold, 100k exp[

Deathless Soul Killer

··kill 10 Soul Killer

      Hint:  These stun, so if your a cleric or a voyager, its a good idea to recruit a SealMaster, SharpShooter, or a Cruser to go
                with you to stun/seal them before they seal you, because they do hit pretty hard. Near Jill, there are a few souls that are well
                spaced so that you do not have 1 spawing on you while you're killing another one.

Rewards: 350k gold, 400k exp

T Virus Liquid

··hand T Virus Liquid to Explorer Lion (365, 1526)

* The pink jar is the T Virus

Rewards: 200k gold, 100k exp


··Bring antidote to Researcher Yee

      Hint: Once you have picked up the quest to go back to Yee the fastest way to get back is to use Old Ticket

*The Antidote is the Regular looking Bottle

[Rewards: 200k gold, 100k exp

Total rewards: $1,550,000 gold, 1.3 mil exp

Quest Resets Daily, so this is an easy way to increase your exp and your wallet daily.

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