[Class] Crusader/champion guide lvl 1 to 40 - Str & Con Build

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Views: Date: Jan 03 2007 09:32:26
This guide credits to tides , from the official forum ( Original Page )

Tides Crusader Build

Intro- not needed
if most of you have seen snowy's build guide.it tells you to add ALL agi.
as well as a few other chars.
and THATS what i did in closed beta. and i am having the HELL of my LIFE leveling it.so i asked around.
and i found out that people who accidentally added str level alot more faster and better then me. and the more str.the better.AND faster.
so then i was just mucking around i found a REAL str + CON crusader.
a full agi build in my view, isn't recomendded at all.
SURE you hit fast,DODGE alot.but if you add all agi.
you'll be as weak as an explorer. and hit as weak as one of em.
so unless you want to tickle mobs really fast.dont put all your stats into agi.
then you say that equip and rings help alot too!yes but later on mobs have ALOT of hp and BOSSES EVEN MORE. unless you want to miss out on all the fun things and just be a support crusader. SHUT UP AND LISTEN.
crusaders DO NOT use two handed swords. rings can only add SO much attack and you will have very low hp.like 1000 at level 40?thats bullshit

Why should I pick Crusader As My Class?
Highest attack speed
highest dodge rate
best char to solo boss
best char in pvp

SKILLS- Crusader Build
Stats & Skills - mainly for PVM-there are better skill builds for PVP
for crusader i would suggest a mix between STR and CON.
as going all con would kill the purpose of this guide.
it was because an all agi char lacked the defense that a character with char
would have.
in short its like tickling the monsters with a feather very fast
going all str is good but you wont last long especially during PVP and you would need the defense to kill aggro mobs which come in plentiful later on.

i would suggest all CON as they get pretty strong later on and 2hand swords do alot of damage by itself.
some str wouldn't help but definatly not all str.

as a newbie swordman all i recommend is

pirate king online guide
Description : increases hit rate
notes : raise to level 2- the base of all your skills.you need this for everything basically.

pirate king online guide
Sword mastery
Description : increases dmg when using a sword
notes : dont get it past level 3. dual sword mastery is the one you that you want.

pirate king online guide
illusion slash
Description: Use energy of sword to damage enemy at a distance. (Fix consumption of 20 SP)

notes: keep it at level 4 unless u have spare bonus points.

pirate king online guide
Description : increase hit rate and attack speed for short duration. (Fix consumption of 15 SP)

notes : the short boost is not worth the points.just get it to level 5 for dual sword.

thats all for a newbi.you can then save skill points for you class change which is at level 40.

pirate king online guide
description : Increase attack when using two weapons
notes : what you've been waiting for all your god damn life.

pirate king online guide
description : Increase dodge rate of character.

notes : max it. this is good

pirate king online guide
Blood Frenzy
description : Reduce attack time cooldown using dual weapon


pirate king online guide
description : Continuous melee attack and knock out a single target (Level 1 consume 23 SP. Each level need 3 more SP)

notes : what you've been waiting for.you are gonna KILL with this baby.
max it

thats all for skills.poison dart and stealth are pathetic.

Level Guide
-i suggest argent as a starting city.
they have good mobs for you to kill and level on for quite awhile.
- this guide will go 5 levels by 5 levels
-may add a liil monster inbetween.
-starts from level 10

level 10
-there are a few monsters for you to kill as the monsters are still easy for you atm

pirate king online guide

Bubble Clam
2258, 2510 - Ascaron
Speed: Slow

these are fast to kill and drops alot of good equips and items for your level

level 10
pirate king online guide
Bear Cub
1905, 2853 - Ascaron
HP: 300
Speed: Slow

these are good to kill as there are many good spawns and they die fast.
but they are level 12 so its kinda between level 11-15 where they are good xp

level 10-15
pirate king online guide
with a party at level 10,solo at level 15
Killer Cactus - shaitan
884, 3156
speed : slow

level 15
pirate king online guide
Sentry Crab
1783, 2507 - ascaron
speed: slow
These crabs are the best you will find but there isnt a good spawn anywhere

level 15
pirate king online guide
Phamtom Tree
884, 3028 - shaitan
Speed : slow

level 15
pirate king online guide
angelic pandas
1655, 2563 - ascaron
speed - normal
- fast to kil.again no good spawn located

level 20
pirate king online guide
killer shrooms
1594, 2689 -agrent
speed - fast
- fast to kill.lots of good spawns.but its arggo.means you might need a healer if you get mobbed on.

level 20
pirate king online guide
Sand Brigand
718, 3288 - shaitan
speed - fast

level 20
pirate king online guide
Naive Snow Doll
1055, 738 -deep blue - icicle
speed - slow

level 25
pirate king online guide
Snowy Wolf
965, 775 - deep blue
sped -fast

level 25
pirate king online guide
Feral Wolf
1473, 3295 - shaitan
speed - fast


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