Crafting, make your own equips

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Views: Date: Apr 29 2010 08:25:30 Author: Yotup ( Original Page )
Well lets start, for crafting you need this...

Crafting blueprint << Get it from Blurry Blueprint
Anti Matter Crystal << Get it when you learn the skill
Crafting Skill << Get it form Grosery

For learn this life skill you will need to learn Mining first like this, remember that if you want to lvl your skill you need to buy the lvl 2 crafting manual with the Fairy Merchant
Lv 1 Crafting<> Level 1 Mining
Lv 2 Crafting <> Level 2 Mining
Lv 3 Crafting <> Level 3 Mining
Lv 4 Crafting <> Level 4 Mining
Lv 5 Crafting <> Level 5 Mining
Lv 6 Crafting <> Level 6 Mining
Lv 7 Cooking <> Level 7 Mining
Lv 8 Crafting <> Level 8 Mining
Lv 9 Crafting <> Level 9 Mining
Lv 10 Crafting <> Level 10 Mining
now for crafting you will need to get the items that are on the blueprint

now that you get the items talk to the Big Furance you can find it in
(759, 1474) Thundoria Castle

Now that you talk to the Big Furance this will appear

now you put the items on their respective spots

now that you have all prepared push on "start" a bar will start to charge, now the dices will roll you have to push on "big" or "small" is you do it correctly you will have your item
The dices can roll anything between 3-18. If you choose Small, the Dices must roll a number between 3-10 (3 and 10 included) and if you choose Big, the Dices must roll between 11-18 (11 and 18 included) to be successful.


You need a fairy for this, also you must have the fairy coins on your inventory (not on your temporally bag) that say on the blueprint

The lvl that is on the blueprint is the lvl that you and your tool should have to prevent the failure

Do not forget about the "usage count" because when it reaches 0 that mean you won't be able to do that item again

You don't need fairy skill with a level 1 tool.
When it goes up, you will need to have the proper level match between your tool and your fairy level.

To make things simple, raise your pet skill level to 5 at least. It is really cheap, tho other 2 levels are more expensive... it avoids issue and also improve success rate...

Also, to avoid wasting pet skills, just use a lvl 0 empty stamina pet for the live skill job...

Credits ~ Me :3, Knuckles4 and Elitrin

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