ConVoy Encyclopedia: From 1 to lv75, Rebirth

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This guide is more of a next step compared to all the other Con Voy guides already there. I started playing TOP during the beginning of June 2007, until now. My first character was a Crusader, then I went on to a Champion so I can tank Island of Fortune mobs, then I finally decided a pure Spr Voy is the way to go. I'm a lv82 pure Con Voy playing with Guild Zz on Rainbow Isle, and I will show you a complete and clear guide on how to go from a lv8 pure Spr Voy to a lv75+ pure Con/Rebirthed Voy. Enjoy!

*Please completely finish reading the entire guide before you actually start your character; then come back to it to start your Voyager step-by-step!!


Chapter 1: The Beginning
Chapter 2: Choosing Your Stats
Chapter 3: Choosing Your Skills
Chapter 4: Choosing Your Equipment
Chapter 5: Dealing With Corals
Chapter 6: Levelling, Levelling, Levelling
Chapter 7: Dark Swamp: Preparing for Rebirth
Chapter 8: Completing the Language Barrier Quest
Chapter 9: Ship Building/Ship Levelling
Chapter 10: Mirage City Experience
Chapter 11: Lv75 & Rebirth
Chapter 12: Beyond


Chapter 1: The Beginning
Every class you choose, you always ask yourself why? Well, in my case, and definitely being a high level pure con Voyager, I chose being a Voyager for the following reasons:
1) Fortune mobs took an extremely long time to kill with my champ, who was pure con btw
2) Once my friend did the Language Barrier Quest, over 4 days, I thought I'd make a Sea Voy only for that
3) Other than that, I loved how Lance characters looked with an afro; I'm afro now, and afro forever =D
So, really, when I started with my Voy, my main aim was to do the Language Barrier Quest and claim the rewards that follow; more to come on this. Also, to take care of my levelling which I was planning to achieve using my lv61 champ; more to come on levelling later on.

Good & Bad

Good, and definitely, fun things about being a Voyager are the following:
1) Can dominate Sea AND Land
2) Can deal high damage (Spr Voys)
3) Can tank mobs and level up quickly at high levels (Con Voys)
4) Can kill multiple enemy targets at once
5) Can Spartan (hide inside) mobs in PK areas and be able to damage multiple enemies
6) Can stun players inside Chaos Argent for a short duration using their skill Conch Ray
Bad, but definitely, not upsetting especially since this guide reaches higher levels and beyond:
1) Can't tank multiple mobs, at least without Cakes and/or Healing Pots(Spr Voys)
2) Will take a long time levelling up at lower levels since damage is low (Con Voys)
3) Experience extreme difficulty PvPing Sharpshooters(SS), Crusaders, Seal Masters(SM), and Clerics; applies to SPR Voys
4) Can't run from place to place in a maze full of mobs, for example FC, DS, or DW (Spr Voys)
5) Need lots of Corals, especially strike which you can't recharge and need to buy new ones (At first I thought this is a bad thing, but then I started realizing things soon to be mentioned)

Here We Go
Since my guide is in fact from Lv1 to Lv75, I will take you step by step, all the way through from point A to point Z. First of all, complete your 1st Class Promotion Quest, ... &extra=page%3D1 - by Yotup.

The Newbie Guide will help you to level up from lv1 to lv5 in minutes, then go on and complete the mini quests she gives you, which involve killing monsters/collecting items. Once you reach Lv8, you are officially a potential Disciple, at that level you should try and find a Mentor; follow this link for the Mentor/Disciple Guide: ... &extra=page%3D2 - by TwilightHikari.

Alright, at this point, just find yourself a nice place to sit, I would go with Shaitan City Fountain, and read this chapter by chapter. Don't worry; you're getting closer to becoming the next great Pure Con Lv75 Rebirthed Voyager!


Chapter 2: Choosing Your Stats
Your Stats
Since I am doing this guide based on a very long-term basis, my stats/skills will be different now from when you reach your successful Rebirth. First, we will be adding all our Stat points into Spr, which adds to your Conch Ray and Thunder Bolt damage for the land skills; those are the main skills we will be starting off with. Every level you gain from now on, you will add Spr and only Spr.

Taking Your Time
As silly as this may sound, don't rush into adding your stat points quickly because you may be excited, take your time. Open your stats (Alt + A), look carefully for what you're adding, and go ahead. Trust me; I've made this mistake enough times to finally learn that patience saves me hundreds of thousands of gold to millions of gold that maybe spent on resets.

Chapter 3: Choosing Your Skills
Your Skills
Talk to Grocer - Jimberry in Argent City (2232, 2729) to buy all your Explorer/Voyager Skills. To make this as simple as possible, I want you to worry about 3 skills to buy and put in your Inventory for now:
1) Diligence (Increases SP recovery rate of character; recovers 2 points per 3 sec at Level 1. Increases by 1 point per skill level.)
2) Lighetning Bolt (Damage is determined by skill level and Spirit. Requires Thunder Coral to be equipped; strike target with Lightening)
3) Conch Ray (Damage is determined by skill level and Spirit. Requires Strike Coral to be equipped; damage targets in a straight line)

Whether you find a Mentor to help you level up or not, Level up your Diligence to level 1. Then you can buy and use Lightning Bolt and start to max it to lv10. It's true, Diligence helps recover your SP faster, but the damage from the Lightning bolt is needed for your lower levels. Once you level up/max your Diligence and Lightning Bolt to lv10, do not get close to your skill points; we'll deal with them later on.

Lv20 -Diligence Lv1, Lightning Bolt Lv10
Lv29 - Diligence Lv10, Lightning Bolt Lv10
Lv30 and Up - Don't touch your skill points till we get there!

This is just to show you how they look:

Lightning Bolt

Conch Ray


Chapter 4: Choosing Your Equipment
Guiding Chests/Maze Chests
See that Newbie Chest in your Inventory that you can open every 5 levels? Yeah, keep using the equipment in those chests, and of course buying the boots/gloves from the NPC.

However, once you reach lv30 you can buy Skeletar Chests that give you random lv30 EQ, and Incantation Chests that give you random lv40 EQ; if you can, try to get the EQ from those chests. Also, you have the option of Unsealed EQ; Unsealed EQ can be lv35, lv45, lv55, or lv65; I never found any of the Voyager Unsealed EQ any useful. If you find that it's a waste of money for now, don't waste, it's not that big of a difference for the Journey we're taking; for both Maze Chests and Unsealed. If you're curious about some of the stats of these EQ check this link: - by GunsGOBang.

Don't forget, to take the Star of Unity from the Newbie Guide as soon as you can and level up its EXP to full (200000/200000) and exchange for a random voy weapon. I was lucky enough to get the +7con/+5spr dagger, which i am pleased enough with then, and now, since I really care primarily about con.

You can level up your Star of Unity Ring by killing mobs; if you kill mobs in a party your ring will not gain exp, you need to kill mobs on your own.

Since we're only aiming for Spr, you will be needing a pure Spr fairy. The following skills are what you will need for your fairy, and they are listed from most important to least:
1) Standard Meditation
2) Standard Magic
3) Standard Recover

Of course, successfully teaching your fairy 3 skills requires a lot of luck, and you might keep failing, but you might be lucky. So, try your absolute best to at least teach your fairy Standard Meditation and Standard Magic; Meditation for the SP recover and Magic for the added Spr damage.


Chapter 5: Dealing With Corals
Where, Who, What, When, Why & How
For Lv1 and Lv2 Strike, Thunder, Wind and Fog Corals go to Coral Vendor - Lamon (2061, 2543) in Ascaron. Until you reach lv40, all you need to worry about is lv2 Thunder Corals. Remember that Thunder Corals can be recharged, so you cans save money there. My suggestion is buy around 3 or 4 Thunder Corals from your Vendor visit, and once you use them all up, make a trip to recharge them all at once.

Check this link to find out how/where to Charge Corals: - georgecode.


Chapter 6: Leveling, Leveling, Leveling
To the Point
I'll save you the hassle of levelling at such low levels all alone, and I will skip directly to the almighty Hexathalon, where you will you LOVE it. Basically, Once I reached lv8 I disciple myself, I already had a lv59 Crusader I used to plvl my Voy. If you are plvled that's great, but if not, then trust me, Hex is the way to go. Of course, Hex is perfect for you all the way to about lv60 or lv61, where it starts to slow down.
So, either plvled or Hex, our aim is lv55, and nothing more for now. If you would still like to find out levelling spots for certain levels here's a guide: - by GunsGOBang.

I pretty much plvled myself, using my Crusader, at the leveling spots mentioned in the previous link. In your case, just get to the point and Hex, or find a Mentor to help you level up. Here are some guides for Life Skills, you don't have to worry about getting most of the Hex items:

Life Skills Detailed Guide - Intro - by dwolfy
Life Skills Detailed Guide - Set Stall - by dwolfy
Life Skills Detailed Guide - Fishing - by dwolfy
Life Skills Detailed Guide - Salvage - by dwolfy
Life Skills Detailed Guide - Woodcutting - by dwolfy
Life Skills Detailed Guide - Mining - by dwolfy

Skills as you Level Up
Here's how you sort your skills all the way till you reach lv55:

Skill Prerequisites:
Diligence - None
Lightning Bolt - Diligence Lv1
Current - Diligence Lv2
Tornado - Current Lv2
Conch Armor - Current Lv1
Conch Ray - Conch Armor Lv5
Algae Entanglement - Tornado Lv5

Lv20 -Diligence Lv1, Lightning Bolt Lv10
Lv29 - Diligence Lv10, Lightning Bolt Lv10
Lv40 - Diligence Lv10, Lightning Bolt lv10, Current Lv1, Tornado Lv1
Lv41 - Diligence Lv10, Lightning Bolt Lv10, Current Lv2, Tornado Lv1, Conch Armor Lv5
Lv46 - Diligence Lv10, Lightning Bolt Lv10, Current Lv2, Tornado Lv1, Conch Armor Lv5, Conch Ray Lv9
Lv47 - Diligence Lv10, Lightning Bolt Lv10, Current Lv2, Tornado Lv1, Conch Armor Lv5, Conch Ray Lv10
Lv55 - Diligence Lv10, Lightning Bolt Lv10, Current Lv2, Tornado Lv5, Conch Armor Lv5, Conch Ray Lv10, Lv4 Algae Entanglement

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