[Skill] How to chop wood

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This guide credits to Iziel ( Original Page )
First we start with a disclaimer:
I, in no way, state that these spots are perfectly safe, nor that by reading this guide there is no way that you can die while woodcutting.
Don't want angry dead pirates saying I killed them XD

This Guide's Mission Statement:
I am publishing this guide to show ways and places where you can harvest wood without being too threatened by any high level aggressive monsters. I've seen many a new person run into the trees with an axe and get smacked to death by a walking tree. So I hope to remedy as many instances of this as possible.

The Guide:

Belmont Plains (Ascaron):

I'll start at what I find to be the easiest place to chop trees, Belmont Plains. Belmont Plains is West of Argent, just follow the shoreline to find the choppable trees. In this area you'll find Green and Yellow Pine Trees. I would suggest that you stick to the Green ones, as the yellows are more closely guarded by much higher level Treants.

The following tree colors, levels of woodcutting needed, and coords are taken from Dwolfy's Guide:
# To cut Green Trees: lvl 1 Woodcutting
# To cut Yellow Trees: lvl 2 Woodcutting
Locations: 1842, 2971 | 1832, 2952

Above is a map of how to get there. Blue Circle is Argent, Green Line is the path, and the Red Circle is where the trees are.

On this radar the yellow dots are the trees, red dots are the monsters and the yellow enclosing is what I consider to be the "safe" zone of this particular forest. Please pay close attention to the brownish line called "Ridge." This ridge marks the safety line in case you get too close to the Treant and have to run back. The Treant will not go past that ridge.

(Side Note: If you have a ranged attack, this ridge is the perfect staging point to take down the treant without getting hurt)

Here is a screen shot of the area to better provide a picture of the forest and the Ridge.

Prairie Desert (Magical Ocean):
This is the 2nd easiest area to get to and to chop. Though the road to get here is a long one, you'll find it more rewarding than the green trees at Belmont Plains. This place offers only yellow trees and a good number of them in a "safe" spot.

The following tree colors, levels of woodcutting needed , and coords are taken from Dwolfy's Guide:
# To cut Yellow Trees: lvl 2 Woodcutting
Locations: 1506, 3398

Following the shoreline is again your safest route to take. The levels of aggresive monsters along the way are 11, 23, 24. However you should be able to run safely by most of them.

This radar shows the same thing mentioned in Belmont's plains, excluding the ridge. Just to refresh Yellow Dots = Trees, Red Dots = Monsters, Yellow Enclosing = "Safety." If a monster starts to attack you, your safest bet is to run toward the shoreline to the east. Any other way may lead you into other aggressive monsters.

This is just a screen shot so you can get a better feel for the safe area.

Chaldea Tundra (Ascaron):
This is the hardest spot to get to, and by far the most dangerous of trips. However if you follow my suggested path you should be able to avoid the highest level beasties in this area. This area has Snowy Yellow, and Snowy Green trees, the best trees to chop as they yield more wood.

The following tree colors, levels of woodcutting needed , and coords are taken from Dwolfy's Guide:
# To cut Yellow Snowy Trees: lvl 3 Woodcutting
# To cut Green Snowy Trees: lvl 4 Woodcutting
Locations: 894, 1984 | 887, 1999

This is the hardest path, but first I'll tell you how to get to Chaldea Haven. You need to walk west from Argent to Abandoned Mine Haven. Then start a nice series of Teleporting:
Abandoned Mine Haven > Rockery Haven > Andes Forest Haven > Valhalla Haven > Solace Haven > Chaldea Haven

Once at Chaldea Haven be sure to record your spawn point. You may notice the legion of Trees, Lizards, and dancing men that stand at the edge of the this haven, yes, intimidating. Once you prepare yourself mentally and with a good amount of cake for lower levels, head north out of the Haven along the road, but only a little ways, then cut north east. After a while of heading north east head straight east to the coast. Along this path are very fast lvl49 Dark Mud Monsters, they will hit you at least 1 time almost every time they see you, so be prepared. The other monsters you should be able to outrun. The most important thing is: if you look at the map you'll see a road touching the shore, you want to end where they meet.

Once you're here, you've survived the worst part and can now reap the great rewards of your trip. This place is bountiful with trees and has plenty of them in "safe" zones. Yellow Dots = Trees, Red Dots = Monsters, Yellow Enclosing = "Safety."

Another screen shot of the area just to get a feel of where you should be.

That ends my guide. You may have noticed that I left out a guide for Icicle's woods, that is because I have yet to find a safe spot to chop there that has more than two trees. If you know of a place feel free to post, I'll put it in the guide and give you complete credit for it.

If you notice any incorrect statements please let me know.

Also be sure to check out Dwolfy's guide to woodcutting here. Dwolfy's guide offers everything you need to know about woodcutting. If Dwolfy made it, it has to be good.

I hope this guide helps, have fun in game.


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