[FAQ] Check List Guide to why Your Game doesn`t work

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Views: Date: Jun 04 2007 06:26:32
This guide credits to ekairi ( Original Page )

There has been a lot of people who had mentioned that they couldn't get the game running.
Many of those problem could have been fixed by something as simple as what I'm going to mention in a few mintues.
I will first list a bunch of things that can be the cause of the problem then tell you how to fix it.
Take note that this guide is not perfect and can not fix a problem for sure.
This list can be used to help with other games aswell.

Check List:

1.) Does my computer reach the minimum requirements to what ever game I want to play?
2.) Do I have a good connection to the internet?
3.) Did I update my....
        A.) DirectX
        B.) Graphics driver
        C.) Sound Card driver
4.) Do I have enough space to run the game on my computer?
5.) Is there more then the required amount of background applications running?
6.) When was the last time I...
        A.) Scanned my computer for viruses
        B.) Scanned my computer for Malware and Adwear
        C.) Defraged my computer
        D.) Tried Disk cleanup
        E.) Tried Check Disk
7.) Miscellaneous

1.) Does my computer reach the minimum requirements:

The minimum requirements for Pirate King Online/Tale Of Pirate are...
Operating System: WIN 98/ME/NT/200/XP/Vista
CPU (Processor): Pentium 3 - 800 MHz
Ram (Memory): 256 MB
Hardrive space: 1.0 GB (I suggest more than what the minimum requirement suggest)
Video Card: Any 16MB 3D Accelerated Graphic Card

You should be able to find the information about the minimum requirements right on the game site.
Its usually located along side with the download.

Now the easiest way to find out if you meet the requirements are to do just this:

Go to your start menu (Left click on start)
Click on Run and type in dxdiag and press ok
Make sure it is on the System tab

This list says a good amount that you need to know for the minimum and recommended requirments.
Just match them up (Like this):

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional (Meets Minium and Recommended)
CPU (Processor): AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2100+, ~1.7GHz (Surpasses Minium but doesn't meet Recommended)
Ram (Memory): 1024MB (Surpasses both minimum and Recommended)

Switch to Display tab
This should tell you the graphic card you are using.
Again just match it up~

Name: NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4400 (meets minimum requirements)
Approx. Total Memory 128.0 MB (surpasses minimum requirements)

Last you need to know how much hardrive space you have.

Right click on your Start button this time and click Explore.
Locate your main hardrive (If you have more than one) and right click it.
Click on properties and it will tell you how much space you have.
Even though the minimum says 1.0GB I suggest a few more (like 3-5 GB)
The game needs some space to run to and this should be enough to allow it to run with other processes too.

2.) Do I have a good connection to the internet?

If you have something like Dial up the game is sure to be laggy or if bad enough may lag out on a crammed server. (I may also lag out on cable too)
Playing durring a storm will not help any connection.

(I'm not sure how to fix this problem yet but suggestions will help me.)

3.) Did I update my....

A common problem is that many people forget to update stuff that is needed to play games.

        A.) DirectX

This happens to be the most common one that people forget to update.
The most up-to-date one is DirectX 10 but is only for Vista at the moment and is not availible for system like XP.
If you don't have Vista, you should have DirectX 9.0c.
You can find out how by using part of the guide in part one. (Run > dxdiag)
At the bottom of the system tab section.

        B.) Graphics driver

This happens to be the second most common  thing that people forget to update.
Once you find out the type of graphics card that you use (Using the guide above) go to
Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Device Manager > Display adapters (Yes this is the long way >.> I forgot the short way...)
Right Click on the graphic card that it shows and click on the Driver tab.
If you have an older graphic card, like mine, the drivers might have been discontinued.
Mine dates back to 10/22/2006 but since mine is discontinued I can't update it any further.
If yours says its a few months or older go to the main site that you can find your graphic card at and check to see if they have a newer version you can download.
If you don't know what site your graphic card is located try typing it up in google and see if you can find it.

        C.) Sound Card driver

This happens to be the most common thing that people don't think about when it comes to games but it can cause the game to crash.
To find your sound card (if you have one) you can use the guide above (Run > dxdiag) and it would be on the sound tab. (If you have more than one you probably have a sound card)
A common Sound card is Sound Blaster.
With whatever card you have check again in the computer management (you can get into it with the guide above) but this time click on Sound related section.
You can fix this in a similar way that you found out about the graphic card.

4.) Do I have enough space to run the game on my computer?

Like I said above I suggest that there be more then the space that they said you need at the minimum.
Games and programs need space to run, therefore leave more than enough space for it to run and it will run more smoothly.
You can find how much space you have by:
Right clicking Start
Click on Explore
Right clicking on your main hardrive
and clicking on properties

It will show how much free space you have left.

If you don't have much space left the best then to do is to get rid of stuff you don't need including programs that you either don't use or rarely use.
After getting rid of the stuff you don't need the next thing you should do it defrag which will be covered later in this guide.
If you have any problems trying to get rid of stuff and programs its probably would be a good idea to reformat your computer.

5.) Is there more then the required amount of background applications running?

When you have a fresh XP running on your computer the minimum about of applications that are needed to run it is around 19 processes.
To find how many processes you are running press Ctrl+Alt+Delete (Simutanulously)
I'm running 23 at the moment which isn't bad at all.
Now if you find yourself running around 40 or more processes your probably going to get lag and other problems. (Depending on the OS and computer you have.)
The best way to figure out what processes you need it to look up every process on google to find out what they are.
Once you found out what they are you can right click on the ones that are not needed to run the computer and end them.
However if you want them to not even come up in the process at all you can do this:

Left click on start
click on run
type in msconfig and ok
Click on the start up tab and it will have a list of things that runs right at the start up.
Disable what you don't need.
Click on the Services tab press on the Hide All Microsoft Services box and you can disable what ever is left.
Press apply and it will prompt you to restart the computer.
Restart the computer.

If you find that you had a virus or malwear running in your processes see the section below.
Also if you have a program related to scanning or monitering your computer shut them off while you try to play the game.
These programs can block the game from starting. Programs like File lock can also prevent a game from working.

6.) When was the last time I...

Normaly people don't scan their computers for bad stuff but it is always a good idea to do it.

        A.) Scanned my computer for viruses

Most people have virus scanning programs but a good free virus scanner is AVG
which can be found here -> http://free.grisoft.com/doc/1
Most people have something like Norton or Mc Gafee but these scanners can miss viruses (I've personaly seen this myself X_X )
I have no doubts that AVG can too but there is no ultimate virus scanner.

        B.) Scanned my computer for Malware and Adwear

Some good scanners for these problems are:
Ad-Aware SE Personal found here -> http://www.lavasoft.de/software/adaware/
Hijackthis found here -> http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/programs.php

With Hijackthis you will either need to know what you are doing or go to ->http://www.iamnotageek.com/
and go to their analyzer copy and paste your log and parse

        C.) Defraged my computer

Defraging will help on cleaning up space on your computer.
Make sure any unnecessary background processes are not running.
To defrag your computer:

Click on start
All programs
System tools
And click on Disk Defragmenter
Click on Analyze

After some time it shall tell you wether you should defrag or not.
When it does do click for it to defrag and do not have anything running in the background.
Do not browse or play games with this process on or you will have problems.

If you find after running it that it fails mulitiple times to defrag it would probably be a good idea to reformat your computer.

        D.) Tried Disk cleanup

Located right above Disk Defragmenter.
This little program can fix some problems too.
Just like the Defragmenter turn off any unnecessary background process. (Just in case)
When you click it will prompt you on what drive. (If you have more than one.)
Click what ever drive you want cleaned and let it scan your computer for unneeded stuff.
You will notice that a bunch of files are listed with boxes stuff like Temporary Internet Files, Recycle Bin, and Temporary files should be checked then just ok it.
Once its finished you may have a lot more space then before. If you are unable to finish it there is something wrong and it may be a good idea to reformat.

        ~ Thanks to wolfsrun for reminding me.

        E.) Tried Check Disk

Another program that is helpful is Check Disk.
Again make sure no unnecessary processes running in the background.
The only way I can remeber to get to this program is through the command prompt. ^^()

Left click Start
Click run
Type in cmd and press ok
Type in chkdsk and hit enter

The program should start on it its own after than.
If it runs into problems like it can't finish its probably a really good idea that you reformat your computer. (That is if all 3 of the above processes don't work... >.> )

7.) Miscellaneous:

Sorry this took a bit longer than I thought.
I decided to type it up in word pad first then just copy paste everything I typed so that I wouldn't mess up like the last time.

I'm ready to hear from others.
How many did this help?

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