[Class] Champion Life Experience in PKO (Simple Guide)

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This guide credits to DangWoZeSi, from the official forum ( Original Page )

First of all, I'd try to make this Guide short and sweet. Well, you may take it as a reference, since it's not really a Guide. =x It's through my experience in PKO. Hope it'll help abit to all fellows wannabe Champions out there =)

My opinion about Champions?
Skip this part if you're not interested to know. =x
Everyone knows what's the role for Champions. Tank, tank, tank and more tankings!
- Tanking is easy, but what's challenging to play a Champion, is the "Art of Luring". It requires experience and skills. By practicing is the only way to make yourself a good lurer.

- Are Champions good for PK? Well, this is a question many people would ask. As for me, I think it's good for PK. It's an easy job for Champion to take down Crusaders and Sharpshooters, even if they are 5 levels above you.
If we're talking about equal level PK, the only threat to you are:
- Con Built Voyagers
- Seal Masters
- Battle Clerics

Yeah, we all know that Champion has high HP and Defense. But too bad, this game doesn't have Magic Defense. Therefore, all magic users are able to Own you!!

BUT!! There's a way to Own these Magic Users, and it's the only way.
GET A GOOD WEAPON! AND THAT'S ALL YOU NEED! Please don't be stupid and add STR when you're still low level. If you did, go remake your char. I'm serious!

What Skills/Stats should Champion learn? I'd recommend:
- Concentration : Lv2
- Sword Mastery : Lv3
- Break Armor : Lv4
- Tiger Roar : Lv5
- Greatsword Mastery : Lv10
- Strengthen : Lv3
- Mighty Strike : Lv2
- Howl : Lv1
- Blood Bull : Lv10
- Primal Rage : Lv10
- Illusion Slash : Lv10
- Taunt : Lv1

To get all above skills, you'll be around level 69 or 70. (Sorry, didn't really count it =x)

From level 65 onwards, you'll get 2 skillpoints every 5 levels. Example Level 65, 70, 75, etc..

From Level 60 onwards, you'll get 2stats point per level.
Con : 100 (You'll max your base Con at Level 64)
- After you hit level 64, STR will be next you'll need to add.

What else should Champion get to be strong?
- A FAIRY! A PURE CON Fairy! If you doesn't have a CON Fairy by now, you should get it soon.
Breeding a Fairy is expensive. Especially the amount of Fairy Ration it takes to level it up. But it's worth your money. Try to get one soon when you can afford it.

Ok now, talking about what skills are good for PK? I'd recommend:
- Howl (level 1)
- Primal Rage (level 10)
- Illusion Slash (level 10)

- If you're against a Crusader or Sharpshooter, Illusion Slash and Primal Rage is all you need. Howl is very useful to detect stealth Crusaders.

- If you're against a Cleric, SealMaster or Voyager. Don't be afraid of them and run away. Chase them to the corner! Champion should PK agressively, since we have so much HP. Just keep doing Illusion Slash and Normal Attack on them will do. As there's not much delays right after you cast Illusion Slash. *But remember, try to dodge Voyager's Couch Ray if possible.*

Below shown is my current equipments:

Above is my stats with Con and Str pet. With and without Buff.

Let's start moving further into the game! =)

For new players, I'll recommend you to start off at Icicle Town.
Step 1. Talk to Newbie Guide Senna (2223,2785)
Step 2. Follow the instruction that Newbie Guide Senna gave. In no time, you'll get yourself to level 8.
Step 3. Once you've reached level 8, It's time to start your grinding journey in PKO!

Sorry i don't provide coords, check the official website for coords. Don't be lazy! =P

:Leveling Spot Guide:

Level 8 - 14
- Sailor Penguin (West, not far from Icicle Town)

Level 14 - 20
- Killer Shroom (West, not far from Silver Mine)

From level 20 onwards, it's best to find a party.

Level 20 - 27
- Feral Wolf [Magical Ocean]

Level 27 - 33
- Grassland Wolf (North, not far from Vahalla Haven)

Level 33 - 40
- Vampire Bat, Miner Mole, Mud Monster, Ninja Mole (Abandon Mine)

By now you'll realize, Voyagers are you best leveling partners! =P

Level 40 - 49
- Treant (North East from Chaldea, Aprox: 1min walk)

Island Teleporter Silvius (2248, 2853) Located at Argent Town. She is able to teleport you to the following Isles:
- Zephyr Isle
- Glacier Isle
- Outlaw Isle
- Isle of Chill
- Canary Isle
- Cupid Isle
- Isle of Fortune

Level 49 - 59
- Navy Rifleman, Northern Pirate Sailor, Northen Pirate Fighter, Northern Pirate Militia (Isle of Chill) *Navy Rifleman only spawn at North shore of the island.*

Level 59 - 63
- Beardy Pirate Sailor, Beardy Pirate Fighter, Beardy Pirate Militia (Isle of Fortune)

Level 63 - 77
- Lizard Warrior, Evil Tribal Warrior (Summer Island) [Check PKO forum for map] *You can only get there by ship*


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