[Winter]Celtic Heartland-Frozen Relic Maze (Lv95 Unseal|Aurora|Dark Area)

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Version History:
1.11 - Added note about Lv95 Weapon, not tradeable/fusable
1.10 - Added Lv95 Boss Equipment Unsealing Process
1.01 - Added Part I of Winter Island Quest, Part II to follow
1.00 - Added Lv95 Weapon and Class Box Info
0.99 - Initial Draft/Release

Note: For any correction or additional info, do post or let me know, and I will add your names in the credit list.

I. Introduction
Celtic Heartland is a new "maze" added with the most recent patch - Frozen Relic, which IGG called as Version 2.0

The new "maze" is accessible only for players who are Lv90 and above. However, entering the "maze" is not as easy as reaching the minimum level since players need to complete the Celtic Heartland Maze Quest.

Entrance Pre-Requisite I: The Winter Island Quest

  1. Argent Secretary-Salvier (Secret of the Fireball)-> Drunkyard - Anthony
  2. Drunkyard - Anthony (Looking For Spark Seduction) - Merman Prince Hassan
  3. Merman Prince - Hassan (Making Spark Seduction[Collect Sandy Crab Meat:1,Black Dye:10,Cactus Hairball:20,Bottle:5]) -> Drunkyard - Anthony
  4. Drunkyard - Anthony (Go to Shaitan and Inquire about it) -> Ali Q
  5. Ali Q (Secret of Winter Island) -> Holy Priestess - Ada
  6. Holy Priestess - Ada (Mystic North Ville) -> Edward
  7. Edward (Intranquil Demonic World)[Kill 50 Cursed Bob Cat]) -> Holy Priestess Ada
  8. Holy Priestess Ada (Northville's Whereabout) -> Jack
  9. Jack (Northville's Whereabout 2) -> Pirate Jeremy
  10. Pirate Jeremy (Jeremy's Harassment)[Collect Elven Fruits:20])-> Icicle Mas
  11. Icicle Mas (Heading to Spring Town) - Youth Misty
  12. Youth Misty (Misty's Envy) - Youth Cloud
  13. Youth Cloud (Cloud's Bother) - Autumn Tourist Girl
  14. Autumn Tourist Girl (Female Guide's Reuqest[Kill Pirate 006:25,Pirate 007:30])
  15. Autumn Tourist Girl (The Female Guide's Adoration) -> Ville's Statue
  16. Ville's Statue (Heading To Winter Island[Collect Black Pearl:10,Heavy Lizardman Broadsword:10, Azure Crystal:10])

II. Into The "Maze" - Talk to Teleporter North Ville at Icy Lake Island 714,1136
The new "maze" is quite different to enter. Unlike Forsaken City/Dark Swamp/Guild War where a whirlpool opens up or Sacred War/Mirage Cities/Demonic World where a shimmering portal appears, players need to talk to the teleporter NPC North Ville(714,1136) and select the correct area. Personally, I consider the new maze as just another "training" areas.

It is important that you select the correct one when talking to teleporter, for example, if you select Ice Covered Island then you need to run back a long way to the teleporter.

Both Aurora Area and Dark Area have two "areas", aptly called 1st Area and 2nd Area. Both areas are identical, including Boss coordinates and portal locations. The main difference is the kind of mob that lurks in these areas.

III. Aurora Area - Opens 10:00AM Server Time
Aurora is the maze that opens during 10:00 AM everyday. The spawn point is relatively safe (refer to the map below). Spawn is always at the 3-Oclock (mouth) section of the map. The teleporter can teleport players from 10:00 AM - 10:59 AM, after which the teleporter will deny any request, while the map stays open for four (4) hours till 02:00 PM.

Aurora has two bosses, one in each "area". The Lv1 boss is called Firm Guard Boss, while Lv2 boss is called Fury Kara.

Aurora Area Boss Drops
Firm Guard - Level 130 BOSS

* Robot Wheel (68%)
* Metal Funnel (30%)
* Rune of Courtesy (80%)
* Sealed Aurora Sword (0,01%)
* The Box of Prowess (1%)
* Melancholy of Tidal (10%)

Fury Kara - Level 135 BOSS

* Sealed Crusaders Shield (0,01%)
* Sealed Bane Bow (0,01%)
* Rune of Justness (8%)
* Sealed Judgment Shot (0,01%)
* The Box of Hornor (1%)
* The Box of Sacrifice (1%)

IV. Dark Area - Opens 08:00PM Server Time
Dark Area is the maze that opens during 8:00 PM everyday. The spawn point is unsafe, and random (refer to the map below). The teleporter can teleport players from 08:00 PM - 08:59 PM, after which the teleporter will deny any request, while the map stays open for four (4) hours till 00:00 AM.

Like Aurora, Dark Area has two bosses. The Lv1 boss is called Vicious Relic Protector and the Lv2 boss is called Morpheus Abyss Demon. In the map below, I marked some (not all) of the spawn points.

Dark Area Boss Drops
Vicious Relic Protector - Level 130 BOSS

* Robot Wheel (68%)
* Metal Funnel (30%)
* Rune of Pity (8%)
* Sealed Dreadful Dagger (0,01%)
* The Box of Justice (1%)
* Heart of Death (10%)

Morpheus Abyss Demon - Level 135 BOSS

* Devil Gem (70%)
* Sealed Aegis Sword (0,01%)
* Rune of Courage (8%)
* Sealed Redemption Staff (0,01%)
* Sealed Amulet Staff (0,01%)
* The Box of Empathy (1%)
* The Box of Inspiration (1%)

V. About the Chest (non Boss-dropped chest)
There are so many chests everywhere, and it would be absurd if you haven't run into one during your exploration. Killing chests takes time for caster class (Herbalist and Explorer) but should be easy with Swordsman and Hunter Classes (specially in full BD). The chests re-spawn, so you'll have plenty of chests to kill. The respawn time, if I am not mistaken, is 5min (or faster). In both maps, I marked some of the chest spawn locations.

Chest Drops
Aurora Area Chest
* Rune of Courtesy (8%)
* Rune of Pity (8%)

Dark Area Chest
* Rune of Justness (8%)
* Rune of Courage (8%)

VI. Lv95 Boss Weapons and Boss Chests (or "Box Of")
Unlike the older mazes, the Celtic Heartland bosses drops class-specific Lv95 Sealed Boss Weapons and Lv95 Boss Chests, this time called "Box", compared to Demonic World Lv1 Boss that drops Chest of Demonic World and Demonic World Lv2 Boss that drops Chest of Enigma. This is both a blessing and a curse, depending on how you look at it.

For example, what is the chance that you can get, say, a BoE out of Chest of Enigma? The factor would be 1 out of 12 (6 classes, Chest drops either armor or weapon, 2x6=12) or 8%. This is much more tricky for Chest of Demonic World, since to get that DoE, chance is 1 out of 22 (6 classes, Chest drops armor, gloves, boots, weapon except for champ, so (4x6)-2=22) or 4.5%.

This time around, Weapons are dropped separately (but be warned, I'll post later on) and "Box Of" are for armors. [10/24/2009] Thanks for WWWDivaExpert for reminding me to post the warning I mentioned in this post. Weapons are not tradeable, and at the time of guide creation, can not be fused. However, "Box" are tradeable. So the warning: don't pick up the weapon if it's not intended for your class (i.e. auto loot/pick should be off)!

New Prefix and Suffix for the Chests
As mentioned earlier, the "Chest Of" is now replaced by "Box Of" that drops armors, gloves, crown, and boots. They also have a respective "Prefix" and "Suffix" which defines which class they are suited for.

New Prefix for the Chests
Bless = gloves
Mercy = boots
Guard = armor
Redemption = crown

New Suffix for the Chests
Empathy = Cleric
Honor = Crusader
Justice = Voyager
Sacrifice = Champion
Prowess = Sharpshooter
Inspiration = Seal Master

VII. Unsealing Lv95 Boss Gears
Unlike the older maze Sealed Equipment from Forsaken City, Dark Swamp, and Demonic World where all "researchers" are conveniently located at Shaitan near the dock, the Lv95 Gears have their own specialized "researchers". Actually, one them is not even called "Researcher", Little Belle, but she's critical into helping players make their Lv95 Boss Gears more useful and usable.

For the Lv95 Boss Gears, there are two categories for unsealing: Weapons and Armor. Each categories require a set of Runes.

Lv95 "Weapon of Legacy" Rune Requirement
Rune Of Courtesy - One(1)
Rune Of Justness - One(1)
Rune Of Pity - Two(2)
Rune Of Courage - Two(2)

Lv95 Armor Rune Requirement
Rune Of Courtesy - Two(2)
Rune Of Justness - Two(2)
Rune Of Pity - One(1)
Rune Of Courage - One(1)

To unseal the new Celtic Heartland Gears aka Lv95 Gears, talk to NPC Little Belle at Winter Island Luna Haven (spawn point) 298,901 to unseal the weapon and talk to NPC Researcher Yee at same location to unseal the armor pieces.

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