[Tweeking & Control] Camera tweeking guide

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Views: Date: Jan 03 2007 09:36:49
This guide credits to flamingbeard , from the official forum ( Original Page )
Before you read this note, anything you do to screw things up is your fault, and your problem, not mine, and certainly not the gms or devs, bugs created by your camera settings are also your fault. So be cool. Also i have permission to tweek these configs, but you don't yet neccisarily, if you want to be safe, wait tell after the gms clear this.

Also, backups people backups, if all else fails just versioncheck the thing and the new cameras will go bye bye, it probably throws them out on updates too, but theres been no updates since i first started tweeking.

Well, i'm making this topic to state something i've been looking into since the day the beta opened. With the constant complaints, i decited to see if config files controled the camera. Well, they kindof did, though they were actually files in the scripting language lua, which pretty much did the same thing as config files, but confused me into almost thinking i had a chance to make dynamic changes (sadly, turns out these things are still pretty much config files, all they do is make calls to things preprogramed in the game). On the other hand, the config files do allow us to do personal tweeking of the current camera system.

This file is located in the scripts/lua/ folder of your PKO directory
(usually something like "C:/Program Files/Sing-Gium International Pte Ltd/Pirate King/scripts/lua/CameraConf.clu")

Of every camera there is 5 values
1.CameraRangeXY -- how far the camera is behind horisontaly
2.CameraRangeZ -- how high the camera is vertically
3.CameraRangeFOV -- Controlls Fisheye/camerawarping
4.CameraEnableRotate -- if 1 normal, if 0 it rotates the camera back to the starting in a secnond point if you rotate it
5.CameraShowSize -- Changes how much of the map you can see (credit:paradox-chan)

There is also 4 cameras in is file times 2 for the zoom/rotate.
1.C_Normal -- your normal view
2.C_Near -- havn't seen in game that i know of.
3.C_Highspeed -- havn't seen in game that i know of.
4.C_Ship -- Ship View

The orrigonal file looks like this
C_NORMAL    = 0  --?y3¡¨º?¡¨º¡§º?   
C_NEAR      = 1  --???¡§¹?¡¨º¡§º?  ?¡§¡è¡§¡è?¡À¡§¡§?y3¡¨º?¡¨º¡§º????¡§¹
C_HIGHSPEED = 2  --???¡§´?¡¨º¡§º?  1¡§¬?¡¡ì?¦Ì¡§ª¡¡è, 2??¡§¦Dy¡Áa
C_SHIP      = 3  --o¡¨º¡§¦??¡¨º¡§º?  ?¡§²¡ä?¡§¦?, ?¡§¡è¡§¡è?o¡§¹??

CLU_Call("CameraRangeXY", C_NORMAL, 38, 39.5)
CLU_Call("CameraRangeZ", C_NORMAL, 10.5, 36)
CLU_Call("CameraRangeFOV", C_NORMAL, 17, 20)
CLU_Call("CameraEnableRotate", C_NORMAL, 1)
CLU_Call("CameraShowSize", C_NORMAL, 38, 38)

CLU_Call("CameraRangeXY", C_NEAR, 28, 39.5)
CLU_Call("CameraRangeZ", C_NEAR, 10.5, 36)
CLU_Call("CameraRangeFOV", C_NEAR, 17, 20)
CLU_Call("CameraEnableRotate", C_NEAR, 0)
CLU_Call("CameraShowSize", C_NEAR, 34, 34)

CLU_Call("CameraRangeXY", C_HIGHSPEED, 40, 45)
CLU_Call("CameraRangeZ", C_HIGHSPEED, 25, 43)
CLU_Call("CameraRangeFOV", C_HIGHSPEED, 6, 26)
CLU_Call("CameraEnableRotate", C_HIGHSPEED, 0)
CLU_Call("CameraShowSize", C_HIGHSPEED, 42, 42)

CLU_Call("CameraRangeXY", C_SHIP, 40, 45)
CLU_Call("CameraRangeZ", C_SHIP, 25, 43)
CLU_Call("CameraRangeFOV", C_SHIP, 6, 26)
CLU_Call("CameraEnableRotate", C_SHIP, 1)
CLU_Call("CameraShowSize", C_SHIP, 54, 54)

function LoadCameraConfig()

Post anything you come up with by tweeking.


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