[Item] Blury Blueprint Guide!

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Views: Date: Nov 01 2007 02:42:59
This guide credits to ChaozFantasy ( Original Page )
Well some people dunno what these do so this is gonna be my official guide on what to do! How special!


1- You need a blurry blueprint. You can get some from level 12 bear cubs in Ascaron and possibly other monsters
2- You need some items to make the list.
3- You need to go to in icicle city with all your items and a fairy coin and talk to Matchstick Granny if you have a Cooking Blueprint
4- You need the tools and the ingredients a long with the blueprints!

Types of Blueprints:

There is manufacturing, crafting and cooking blueprints
Manufacturing NPC location: Unknown
Crafting NPC location: Unknown
Cooking NPC location: Icicle City (1363, 516)
NPC's also tell you how to use the type of blueprint


What they do:
Manufacture blueprints can make ships and tools for the blueprints, crafting blueprints can make equips and cooking can make food to heal!
Remember you need to have some items and some fairy coins!

The wrench is manufacture, the hammer is crafting and the spoon is cooking
There is a level, ingredients, requirements and a success rate.


Reason and other use:

Now some people might be lazy and ask why not to use it.
The reason is that you won't need money for equips, food or boats because you're making it your self! Thats so cool~!

From Treillerti:

Yea, they're used to buy items from the Black Market dude in Icicle City. . and depending on your level / how many coins you have, + your luck. . He could randomly give you the option to purchase Lv35-60 unsealed gear.


Where you can get and different blueprints:

Level 8 Cuddly Lamb in Ascaron (????, ????)- Drops Blurry Blueprint
Level 12 Bear Cubs in Ascaron (????, ????)- Drops Blurry Blueprint
Level 13 Oysters in Ascaron (1844, 2988)- Drops Blurry Blueprint (Around there)
Level 30 Combat Piglet in Deep Blue (1413, 548)- Drops Encrypted Blueprint (Unsure)

Blurry Blueprint = Level 1 Blueprint
Encrypted Blueprint = Level 3 Blueprint


Blueprints Caught:

By yakochan:

1- Manufacturing blueprint - Black Hole Crystal (manufacturing tool) - Blurry (2)
2- Manufacturing blueprint - Particle Crystal (analyzing tool) - Blurry (2)
3- Manufacturing blueprint - Crystal Cauldron (cooking tool) - Blurry (3)

1- Crafting blueprint - Soft Leather Boots - Blurry
2- Crafting blueprint - Heavy Sword - Blurry
3- Crafting blueprint - Soft Leather Gloves - Blurry
4- Crafting blueprint - Mousey Cap - Blurry

1- Cooking blueprint - Bread (9)

By me:

1- Manufacturing blueprint - Flash Bomb - Blurry
2- Manufacturing blueprint -Anti Matter Crystal - Blurry
3- Manufacturing blueprint - Soul Detector - Blurry
4- Manufacturing blueprint - Ship Impaler - Blurry
5- Manufacturing blueprint - Repair Tool - Encrypted
6- Manufacturing blueprint - Grenade - Blurry
7- Manufacturing blueprint - Water Mine - Blurry
8- Manufacturing blueprint - Black Hole Crystal - Blurry

1- Crafting blueprint - Husk Boots - Blurry
2- Crafting blueprint - Short bow - Blurry

1- Cooking blueprint - Bread - Blurry (4)
2- Cooking blueprint - Liquorice Potion - Blurry
3- Cooking blueprint - Elven Fruit Juice - Blurry
Note: Blurry blueprints are only level 1 blueprints. Encrypted blueprints are only 3 blueprints.



Level 1 Blueprints - 1k
Level 3 Blueprints - 3k

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