[Item] Black Dragon Equipment Guide

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This guide credits to snowy ( Original Page )

=========Black Dragon Equipment + Power of Flame,Frost,Thunder,Wind + Angelic Dice========
NOTE: Black Dragon Equipment has already existed in 1.32, so does the Black Dragon lair. I'm introducing this because of the Black Dragon unlocking items you're able to obtain in 1.33
To use these items, you must first own a Black Dragon Altar
Black Dragon Altar is obtained after you defeat Black Dragon. Upon using Dragon key to Black Dragon Lair 3, open the Black Dragon Chest to obtain.

Dragon key required to open Black Dragon chest and going to Black Dragon Lair 3

This will be the the original status of the Altar when you first got it

Pictures of the 4 Element powers

Power of Flame, Power of Wind, Power of Thunder, Power of Frost

Black Dragon Gems
Upon defeat of the Black Dragon, it may drop you the following Gems :

Heart of Black Dragon - HP +500 , Forge into boots / gloves
Soul of Black Dragon - Physical Resist + 3, Forge into Armor / Shield
Eye of Black Dragon - Bonus Attack + 50 , Forge into all weapons

Sacrificial Item on Black Dragon Altar
Upon using a Black Dragon Gem on the Altar, it'll look something like this depending which gem you use

Heart of Black Dragon - Black Dragon Torso
Soul of Black Dragon - Black Dragon wings
Eye of Black Dragon - Black Dragon Claw

Cursed Point and Power of Angelic Dice
Upon putting in a Power of Flame, Frost, Wind, Thunder, it has a chance to increase its cursed point.
Cursed Point will affect the power of your Black Dragon Altar, the lesser the curse point is, the better Black Dragon Equipment you'll get

Curse Rate for each point
Torso : Def - 2, Physical Resist - 1, Max HP -5, HP Recovery Rate -1
Wings : Def - 1, Dodge -1, Max Sp -5, Sp Recovery rate -0.5, Movement speed - 2
Claw : Def - 1, Hit rate -2, Max Attack - 1, Min Attack - 1, Berserk(Crit) -0.5

As you can see, the Cursed Point is 2
To remove Cursed Point, we use Angelic Dice

However, Angelic Dice does not have a 100% successful rate of removing 1 Cursed Point
When it is successful, you'll see this :
Cursed Point lowered down by 1

Unlocking the Altar
To unlock the Altar, see the Seal of Wind, Seal of Flame, Seal of Thunder, Seal of Frost?
Use the Power of Wind, Flame, Thunder, Frost to lower the seal value.
When all 4 of them reach 0, you'll be able to double click on the black dragon altar to obtain the piece depending on your Sacrificial Item.

When your Cursed Point is over 9, you'll not be allowed to open your altar even if all your Seal is at 0.
This is what it looks like after you lower all the seal elements

As I said earlier, Cursed Points will affect how good your black dragon equipment is, at a Cursed Point of 6 we'll get the following :

This is the stat when it has 4 Cursed Point

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