[Class] Battle Herbalist Walkthrough (Up to Level 40 Only)

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This guide credits to The Doctor, from the official forum ( Original Page )

A simple guide on having a good battle herbalist, which is pure SPR. This guide also includes a leveling guide, so enjoy.

You are created a would-be herbalist. Remember to go to Shaitan as your starting map.This is the most sucky class when it comes to fighting enemies which run towards you. It's also a hard class to train if you don't have any partner, but when your level is already 15 and your Spiritual bolt kicks ***, you can now fly solo.

From level 1 - 10, I would really recommend doing quests. Do quests as much as you can for this level since it's the only way you will have a fast exp and lots of gold. Don't forget to open the box when you reach level 5 for mighty fine items.

Doing the Herbalist Job Change

Note: Remember to raise your level to 10 before doing the Herbalist Job Change since you can world chat. Maintain level 10 to get free teleports.

Begin the Quest by Talking to Gannon (862, 3500). There are two phases of this test, first is you need to kill 2 Killer Cactuses and second is you get the Medicated Grass. Even though medicated grass is not yet activated we should do that first. Even though Gannon says you have to get it from Hopping Lizards, you can say “Screw You!” to Gannon. We take the easy path.

Go to the May the Teleport Lady and go to Argent. Go out and hack off those Mystic Shrub. They drop the Medicated Grass. After you get three go back to Shaitan. Remember to remain level 10 to have free teleports.

Now, this is the hard part. Killing the Killer Cactuses. For this part, all I can suggest is Party up with someone strong and have them kill the killer cactuses. It's not really a hassle on their side simply because they just have to whack a Killer Cactus 2 times. Besides, it's near town as well.

Go back to Gannon and do the quest. Read the instructions carefully so you know where to go. Remember, you already have the 3 Medicated Grass so you don't need to kill hopping lizards.

Congratulations, you are now a Herbalist.

By this time, you should be 11. If not, do more quests to reach 11. Go to the Grocery store clerk Amos (840, 3585) and buy Spiritual Bolt. Don't use the 2 points on Spiritual Bolt. Use 1. If you followed my guide on doing quests, you should be able to obtain both. Now, use the winged Chest that has been loitering around your inventory. If it fails, it simply means it has not enough space. When you have opened it, equip the items that need equipping. I think the Heal book is also there, use it.
Now, let's go leveling!

For levels 11-15

Remember to put all points to spiritual bolt.

You can have two ways. Either you kill hopping lizards or do some quests. You can do both as well. But grinding on Lizards is easy. At first you will have a weak spiritual bolt still I do this. Cast spiritual bolt then whack it with my staff. Use heal if necessary. You can't do cast and run on them since they have a long range attack.

The Doctor's Note: I know SP regen here is a bit slow, but I have a tip. Go window mode and browse while sitting. You can also chat to friends while sitting.

Or you can have a go at Killer Cactuses. You just cast and run, cast and run since they walk REALLY REALLY slow and they're melee! But I do not suggest this method. Hopping lizards still good to kill.

Congratulations, you are now level 15! Use the Chest for new items.

For level 16-20, go killer cactuses. You really have to grind them. Remember to pick up what they drop since you can sell them to NPC's and make some moolah. Why killer cactuses? Simply because they are so many! They spawn faster and by then you have a strong Spiritual bolt. Usually, I do the cast SB then whack my staff, but this is cool part. If you level up to 17 with pure SPR and pure SB points you should be able to kill them in one cast. SP is not a problem at this point, since it will be quite fast when you sit down.

For level 21-25, Kill Phantom trees. Same thing with killer cactuses, they are so damn many!

For levels 25 and above I suggest you go partying!

Soloing guide for 25-30 Coming soon!

Disclaimer: This is only a suggestion, this is not mandatory. The walkthrough is based on my experience of which I truly enjoyed.



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