[Skill] Research on Analyze Lifeskill

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Views: Date: Nov 12 2007 03:50:24
This guide credits to Jadreen ( Original Page )
Seeing no good Analyze guide here in forums, I've decided to do some research regarding this very strange lifeskill and post whatever I manage to discover about it here. Well, here's what I've found out so far:

Basically, what you get from Analyzing equipment depends on 2 factors:
1. The Type of Catalyst you use
2. The Lv of equipment you Analyze

Regarding the eq Lv, what you get would depend on what kind of loot the mobs in that particular Lv range drop, or a resource in that particular Lv range. For example:
- you Analyze a Lv50 eq
- you use Stone Catalyst
What you'll be getting will be any stone-related item dropped by lv50-54 mobs, or a Lv5 mined resource.

Regarding the Different Catalysts, here are what I've discovered so far:

Wood Catalyst = I presume this can give logs/strips for manufacturing, but the catalyst doesn't seem to work. Must be bugged

Liquid Catalyst = anything liquid-related
ex: Murky Water, Contaminated Water, Concentrated Squid Ink

Fur Catalyst = anything with fur or hair in its name. I'll try do some more research regarding this catalyst.
ex: Yeti Chest Hair

Plant Catalyst = can give anything plant-related. Can also obtain some of the ingredients for Cooking that are sold by the Physician NPC.
ex: Withered Root, Strange Leaves, Thorny Stramonium Flower, Four-Leaf Clover, Herb, Liquorice

Bone Catalyst = gives anything related to bones. I presume this also gives some of the bones/materials being sold by the Grocer NPC. I'll try test this out more when I get more eq to analyze.
ex: Strange Bone, Magical Bone, Giant Wolf Fang

Special Catalyst = gives any kind of miscellaneous stuff you can loot from mobs. Mostly loot that looks like weapons/armor. Maybe can also give some of the materials being sold by the Grocer NPC for Crafting.
ex: Tribal Mask, Fallen Helmet, Evil Tribal Long Spear, Splendor Cloth

Food Catalyst = this catalyst seems to give any loot that looks edible. Can also give any of those hard-to-get fishies needed for Cooking.
ex: Tasty Squid Meat, Elastic Otopus Tentacle, Heart of Tempest Sea Jelly, Phoenix Prawn

Stone Catalyst = gives crystals, ores, runestones, virtually anything stone-related. Can also give materials that can be mined from ores.
ex: Fel Runestone, Compelling Crystal, Gold Bar, Flaw Sapphire

If anyone else has found out anything else regarding this lifeskill feel free to contribute. Also, any donations of unwanted Lv30-60 class chests would be most welcome to further research on this very strange and very random lifeskill XD

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