[Item] Alloy Pickaxe!

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This guide credits to JumpStyle89 ( Original Page )

Many Questions about it ingame so far, so I went for looking here in the forum but haven't found a topic about it yet.

So Alloy Pickaxe is a MALL item, and can be obtained by a quest {Now in Mall shop aswel!}:

To complete the quest you should be around lvl 50 and have a good ship! >Trick killing at sea really helps< Further you need mining skill + Life points!

Go to Spring Town by boat {You can't tele to Spring Isle so best way is to go to Fortune and sail from there!} and talk to the Teleporter at {3326|2511}.
She will send you to Granny Beldi in Argent at {2277|2769}. She will send you to Bar Waitress Barbara in Icicle Castle at {1310|530}

Then you will have to pay 100k Gold and she will give you and item {Dunno exactly what its called anymore}
Double click the item and you will obtain the following quest:

Hunt Hungry Fish Bone and obtain: 0/30 Thick Fish Bone {lvl 60 located at 428|2957 Deepblue}
Hunt Spiny Fish Bone and obtain: 0/30 Fasica Fish Bone {lvl 59 located at 307|2202 Deepblue}
Hunt Decaying Fish Bone and obtain: 0/30 Rotten Fish Bone {lvl 61 located at 3808|3066 Magic Ocean}
Swift Cyclonic Sea Jelly and obtain: 0/10 Shining Sea Jelly Skin {lvl 63 located at 3750|1275 Magic Ocean}

After you have those items Go to Icespire Haven to Master Kerra at {2664|654}

You have to pay another 50k..

But you will get 550k(!!) exp and a necklace for lvl 55 with Recovery bonus +12 {worth 275k!} and the Alloy Pickaxe ofcourse!! And another 10k gold for completing the quest {bonus} and 50k exp {bonus}


Then after you have the axe, you want to use it.. Just double click the axe and it will be equipped into your weapons place, then head to Shaitan or Argent for the closest Meteroites!
Just attack it and you will get an item each random time {it can take a lot of time before it drops but can be very fast aswel so random XD}

Locations {exact locations added later}:

Argent: Thundoria castle {764|1617} and west of the gate aswel
Shaitan: {1004|3447} and south of it.

Important >> The meterorite doesn't to get any damage, but it drops for sure so be patient!! And then next >> The Axe will break at 0/100 and become useless cause you can't repair!!

>> New Version is able to Exchange the Old axe for a new 1,, juz talk to blacksmidt goldie and u'll find out ^^

My experience so far is:

{from whising stone}:
Robe of the Venom Witch
Touch of Death
Rainbow fruit Juice
Mystery fruit
Magical potion
Ice Cream
Sage Equipments <Like swords, guns, and armours all + stats>

Mayday Cards {GM gives you a surprice when showing this}
Welding Catalyst {used to combine 5 Dark whising stone}
Dark whising stone {gets you an item when using it}
Enchanced Card Chest {Gives Alphabet cards, which u can exchange for cash if at NPC papa}

Hope this helps a lil ^^
If having questions pls let me know ^^



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