[Preview] Afterlife New Features Preview

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Views: Date: Jul 25 2007 03:58:19

After discovering the Caribbean Isles and plundering of its treasure, Carsise, Lance, Phyllis and Ami set off to find more adventure. However time was running out for Phyllis due to her short life-span. Sensing her time is near, her three friends set out to seek the secrets to immortality hoping to save her from dying prematurely. They ventured forth into the realms of the heavens hoping to seek the help of the Goddess

who agrees to teach them the secret arts of the Phoenix should they successfully carry out her deadly assignments to retrieve the Phoenix rebirth stone that was scattered throughout the world of Ascaron many ages ago.

Join the fabulous four on yet another journey as they make the greatest discovery of all time, picking up some new professions and crafts along the way! Will they successfully acquire the Phoenix rebirth stone and save not only Phyllis but themselves from dying of old age? New creatures, treasure, and adventures await!

AfterLife will be released on 26th, July 2007!


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