[Newbie] 90 Hours Online Guide

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90 Hours Online Guide

What is in this guide?
1. Introduction.
2. What is 90 Hour Online?
4. How to do 90 Hour Online?
5. Rules of 90 Hours Online.
6. End of the Guide.


Hello All!

This is my second Guide. I'll make one like the first, almost the same look, and explain all step by step. I wont use Screenshots yet, till you all ask me for it. I'm planning to make more Guide's about Credit(s) making. I hope this Guide is usefull like the first one.

What is 90 Hours Online?

90 Hours Online is a realy easy way to make money, without something hards. You just have to stay 90 Hours Online in 1 month. It starts always on the eighth day of the month, and ends on the last day on the month.
But.. It depend on the level that you are how many Credits you get. Here a example:

Level  00-41  with  90  hours  online  get  0  Credits.
Level  41-50  with  90  hours  online  get  80 Credits.
Level  51-60  with  90  hours  online  get  160 Credits.
Level  61-70  with  90  hours  online  get  240 Credits.
Level  71-80  with  90  hours  online  get  320 Credits.
Level  81-90  with  90  hours  online  get  800 Credits.
Level  91-100  with  90  hours  online  get  1600 Credits.

How to do 90 Hours Online?

It's not hard. I'll explain it here step by step in 6 steps..

1. Be 90 Hours Online in one month(Minimal).

2. Go to http://top.igg.com/wage_stat/index.php.

3. You see left above in the page a little Discription like this:
This Month:
Your time online this month is 50 hours so far, you still have 40 hours before redemption, keep on going!

There you can see how much hours you was online. So, in that example, you need 40 hours left.

4. Wait till the new month. (The first 7 days)

5. Exchange your Hours into Credits.

6. Go to the Award Center or Credit Auction to buy something from your Credits. Or spare them ofcourse.

Rules of 90 Hours Online

Ofcourse there are Rules at the 90 Hours Online. Here the come:

1. Need to be minimal 90 Hours Online in one month.
2. You only can receive Credits in the first seven days of evry month.
3. The Credits that you get depend on the level of your Character.
4. If you was a month 90 Hour Online, and you dindt receive the Credits within the 7 days of the new month, the Hours will be gone.

That are the Rules of 90 Hours Online. Not many, and easy to think about.

End of the Guide

This is the end of my Guide. I hope it was usefull to you. I did my best on it. I'll make more Guide's if you like this one, and my first one(http://forum.top.igg.com/viewthread.php?tid=140356). And if you want Screenshots, just tell me. I'll Edit this Guide and place Screenshots on it. Thank you for reading this guide. (I'm planning to make more Guide's about Credit Making, so if you like my first two Guide's, I'll make more.) And yes.. All my Guides will be like this. Little and easy to understand. Maby next one with Screenshots if you all like that. But.. All of my first Guide's will go about Credit Making.

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