[Monster] 1.33 Mini Bosses Drop List & Coordinates

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This guide credits to Babyphoenix, from the official forum ( Original Page )
Mini Boss monsters can be identified by an aura around it.

All mini boss is change the place.

i got a few coordinate for the mini boss:

List of Mini Boss - After life new patch 1.35

Little Squidy Captain – (LVL 5) - Ascaron
DROP: Sheepy Cap, Attendant Gloves, Piercing Dagger, Sharp Blade, Gold Ring, Brass Ring, Fiery Gem, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Little Squidy Captian Statue
Old Coordinates: 2285,2515
New Coordinates: 2300,2531

Strong Little Deer – (LVL 7) - Deep Blue
DROP: Safari Boots, Soft Leather Boots, Axe, Pickaxe, Gold Ring, Necklace of Vitality, Furious Gem, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Strong Little Deer Statue
Old Coordinates: 1126,315
New Coordinates: 1127,325

Aberrance Hopping Lizard – (LVL 10) - Magical Ocean
DROP: Tough Gloves, Sheepy Shoes, Axe, Pickaxe, Brass Ring, Moonlight Necklace, Explosive Gem, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Aberrance Hopping Lizard Statue
Old Coordinates: 866,3275
New Coordinates: 858,3251

Vampiric Elk – (LVL 14) - Deep Blue
DROP: Canvas Gloves, Adventure Boots, Kitty Shoes, Battle Staff, Animal Tusk Ring, Vaudeville Necklace, Lustrious Gem, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Vampiric Elk Statue
Old Coordinates: 907,397
New Coordinates: 903,373

Snowy Snail Monarch – (LVL 19) - Deep Blue
DROP: Safari Gloves, Explorer Boots, Heavy Leather Boots, Scholar Gloves, Assault Ring, Necklace of the Roaring Wind , Glowing Gem, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Snowy Snail Monarch Statue
Old Coordinates: 663,359
New Coordinates: 667,386

Smuggler Leader – (LVL 20) - Ascaron
DROP: Heavy Leather Gloves, Scholar Boots, Hunter Boots, Explorer Gloves, Guerrilla Dagger, Light Dagger, Shining Gem, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Smuggler Leader Statue
Old Coordinates: 2285,2515
New Coordinates: 1635,3044

Ancient Sandy Tortoise – (LVL 21) - Magical Ocean
DROP: Meowy Cap, Playful Racoon Cap, Meowy Muffs, Necklace of the Roaring Wind , Necklace of Dusk, Reinforced Ring, Shadow Gem, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Ancient Sandy Tortoise Statue
Old Coordinates: 1228,3217
New Coordinates: 1221,3219

Violent Air Porky – (LVL 23) - Ascaron
DORP: Tower Shield, Night Owl Cap, Exquisite Gloves, Night Owl Muffs, Oarsman Boots, Light of the Holy Priest, Spirit Gem, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Violent Air Porky Statue
Old Coordinates: 1379,2887
New Coordinates: 1440,2876

Man-Eating Spider Queen – (LVL 27) - Magical Ocean
DROP: Crabby Cap, Crabby Shoes, Nurse Gloves, Exquisite Boots, Huge Bear Footprint, Soul Necklace, Gem of the Wind, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Man-Eating Spider Queen Statue
Old Coordinates: 1112,2955
New Coordinates: 1075,2961

Berserk Mad Boar – (LVL 30) - Ascaron
DROP: Big Crab Cap, Slick Gloves, Big Crab Muffs, Big Crab Shoes, Barbaric Ring, Wood Necklace, Gem of Striking, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Berserk Mad Boar Statue
Old Coordinates: 862,2946
New Coordinates: 864,2983

Grassland Wolf Champion – (LVL 33) - Ascaron
DROP: Owl Cap, Helmsman Gloves, Owl Muffs, Slick Boots, Cavalier Ring, Elegant Necklace, Gem of Colossus, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Grassland Wolf Champion Statue
Old Coordinates: 1180,2747
New Coordinates: 1112,2746

Aberrance Blood Polliwog – (LVL 55) - Deep Blue
DROP: Coat of the Tempest, Whammy Chest, Battle Armor of Nature, Flaming Coat, Crusader Ring, Ashen Gem, Spirit Gem, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Aberrance Blood Polliwog Statue
Old Coordinates: 370,2317
New Coordinates:

Fearsome Skeletal Archer – (LVL 36) - Deep Blue
DROP: Sword of the Tempest, Sword of Glowing Flame, Flaming Pistol, Seal of Frozen Crescent, Glory Sigil, Blade of the Tempest, Gem of Rage, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Fearsome Skeletal Archer Statue
Old Coordinates: 2216,437
New Coordinates: 2213,436

Elite Tempest Sea Jelly – (LVL 36) - Magical Ocean
DROP: Whammy Chest, Glory Coat, Battle Armor of the Tempest, Coat of Frozen Crescent, Mark of the Dragon, Counterattack Ring, Gem of Colossus, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Elite Tempest Sea Jelly Statue
Old Coordinates: 1942,3094
New Coordinates: 1967,3117

Malicious Azure Siren – (LVL 40) - Ascaron
DROP: Dazzling Sword, Paladin Sword, Exquisite Rifle, Hyena Dagger, Thundorian Staff, Staff of Life, Gem of Rage, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Malicious Azure Siren Statue
Old Coordinates: 3023,373
New Coordinates: 3036,392

i just find out there is not really stick at the coordinat but is around the coordinat not so far
from the coordinat.

and for other see who kind to know the new coordinate for mini boss.

i just want to share my information only.

hope you all enjoy

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