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Set Stall

Skill type: Vending

Effect of puting points on the skill: Raise the amount of slots on your stall. Each point adds 6 slots to your stall, and the max level of this skill is 3.

  • Set Stall lvl 1 ---> stall with 6 slots
  • Set Stall lvl 2 ---> stall with 12 slots
  • Set Stall lvl 3 ---> stall with 18 slots
    *Thx johns78 for this info*


  • Level 10

    Stall Types:

  • Stall lvl 1:

  • Stall lvl 2+:

    Setting up a stall:

    To set up a stall, first double click on the "Set Stall" skill. Your inventory will open and a stall window will pop up beside it:

    Now click on an item on your inventory and drag it to the stall window. A mini-window will pop up. Input the amount of items you want to sell and confirm. Than a second mini-window will pop up. Input the items unit price and confirm.


    Now just click on "Set Shop" and you are done. To unset the stall, just click on "Packup"

    Note1: When you drag equipments to the stall window, only the second mini-window ("Input unit price") will pop up.

    Note2: DO NOT use a coma ( , ) when inputing the price, or the system will only consider the number before the coma. Example: if you type 10,500 the price put on your item will be 10 gold. If you simply type 10500 than the price put on your item will be 10,500 gold.

    Buying from a stall:

    To check a stall's items, just right-click on the player with the set stall and click on "View Stall". You can also simply right-click on the stall title.

    To buy an item from a stall, just click on it and drag it to your inventory. A window will pop up. Input the number of items you want to buy (if necessary) and click on "Trade".

    Note 1: Please notice that the "automatical" amount of items selected on the "confirmation window" will be always the total items that the player is selling. Be careful not to click on "Trade" or hit "Enter" before changing that amount to the one you want to buy!

    Note 2: ALWAYS remember to check the item's discription and the total price (on the confirmation window) before confirming your purchase!

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