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Ships can be obtained through the 4 cities in Pirate King. Certain types of ship is only available in one of the cities.

Available Ships
Flying Fish
Argent City


There are a total of 9 ships available in Pirate King and they are listed below, along with the level requirement of each type of ship.
Put your mouse on the images to check detailed datas of these ships.
Note: All the ships are equiped with the best possible equipment.

Beginner Ships
Name: Guppy   Name: Flying Fish   Name: Transporter
Level Requirement: 15   Level Requirement: 30   Level Requirement: 25
Name: Windseeker   Name: Turtle   Name: Swordfish
Level Requirement: 25   Level Requirement: 15   Level Requirement: 30


Intermediate Ships
Name: Phantom   Name: Eagle   Name: Torrent
Level Requirement: 35   Level Requirement: 45   Level Requirement: 35
Name: Goddess   Name: Silver Dolphin   Name: Great White Shark
Level Requirement: 40   Level Requirement: 40   Level Requirement: 45
-To level a ship, you need to have your ship parked in a harbour, and have the builder of that harbour 'Upgrade' your ship.

-The ship-book-thingy cannot be put in the bank. If you trade it to another player, the level and EXP of your ship will be reduced. (That's why you should not listen to people saying that they'll offer a good price to sell their high level ship.)

-If your ship sinks.
     1. Open up your inventory(Alt+E).
     2. Right-click you Vessel Deed.
     3. Find out where your ship is docked.
     4. Go to that dock and look for the Harbour Operator.
     5. Talk to him and select Salvage.
     (Salvaging a sunken ship requires 1,000G. Then you'll have to repair and refuel your ship.)

There will be a Ship Builder NPC station at the harbor of the 4 cities to provide players the option of building a new ship or upgrading an existing one. Different ships will be available at each harbor and to find out how good these ships really are, players will have to explore the whole world to know the answer.
Each character is limit to 3 ships.

During the building of the ship, player can customize the bow, engine, cannon and component to their preference. Different combination will have different effectiveness. After the construction of a ship, player will obtain an item - Vessel Deed. This is a certificate of ownership.

Set Sail
After having a completed ship, players can talk to a Harbor Operator to set sail. Only ships docked at that particular harbor can be use.
Harbor Operator also provides players option to repair or refuel their ship.

Fuel will be used the moment the ship is out in the sea. When the fuel reaches 0, the durability of the ship will be deducted. If the ship durability falls below 0, the ship will sink and player will be considered dead. Players can salvage back their sunken ship at the location stated by the Vessel Deed or talk to the Harbor Operate to salvage back on their behalf.

Each city harbor and island will have their respective landing portal. Players will need to move their ships toward these portals to land. Ship will be docked at the particular harbor where player lands. Talk to the Harbor Operator to set sail again.

Each city harbor and island has a NPC that sell special products for commerce trade, some of which are unique. Only players who possess a ship may purchase and load these products onto it for trade at other harbor or island.
Players can also talk to the Freight NPC to load some of the wood or ores onto the ship for commerce trade.

During the building of the ship, players can select fishnet or mechanical arm as a component for their respective skill. With these components, players can fish in the sea or salvage sunken ships. During fishing, players may also obtain fish meats which fetch a good price for commerce trade at some harbor.

During salvage of sunken ship, players may obtain junks or valuables.

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