Normal Quest - Magical Ocean

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  Magical Ocean     Deep Blue

Shaitan City (these quest are all under NPC newbie guide - Resline(876,3572))

Blacksmith's Greetings
1) Hand letter to blacksmith smithy(902,3495)
2) Return to newbie guide resline(876,3572)

Quest item: letter to smithy obtained
Reward: 9 exp + newbie dagger dmg 14/18 (req lv 1)
durabiliy 200/200

Tailor's Greetings (unlock after blacksmith quest is done)
1) Hand letter to tailor moya (894,3602)
2) Return to newbie guide resline(876,3572)

Quest item: letter to moya obtained
Reward: exp 21 + newbie gloves def +2 (req lv 1)
durability 200/200

Physician's Greetings(unlock after completing tailor quest)
1) Hand letter to physician-shala(903,3646)
2) Return to newbie guide resline(876,3572)

Quest item: letter to shala obtained
Reward: exp 66 + 10 apples

Warrior Recuitment
Find kentaro(Ascaron 1894,2798) at abandoned mine haven
Reward: 300G + exp 100
Oasis Haven (these quest are all under NPC Marcus(797,3129))

Journey to the East
Find solaru(1202,3179) in babul haven
Reward: 550G + exp

Clearance of Killer Cactus
hunt 10 killer cactus(lv 14) (884,3156)
(i would recommend hunting them at this location instead <847,3118> it's nearer to the haven =] )

Reward: 180G + exp

Bitter Fruit
Obtain 5 "bitter fruit" from gigantic melon(lv15) (687,3093))
Reward: 480G + exp

Treant Holiday
Obtain 5 "phantom tree root" from phantom tree (885,3027)
(this location that i found has loads of them if u are looking for a bunch of them <852,3062>)

Reward: 459G + exp

Vicious Hungry Wolves
Hunt 10 staving wolf(lv20) (718,2938)
(this wolves are kinda widely spreaded u might need to run around for them)

Reward: 270G + exp
Oasis Haven (these quest are all under Fey fey(797,3129))

In Search of a Bodyguard
Look for Ulkar(Deep Blue 1059,661) at atlantis haven
Reward: 550G + exp 500

Playful Lizard
Hunt 10 "hopping lizard"(892,3273)
Reward: 149G + exp

Legend of the Phantom Tree
Hunt 10 "phantom tree"(885,3027)
(this location that i found has loads of them if u are looking for a bunch of them <852,3062>)

Reward: 216G + exp
Oasis Haven (these quest are all under Wenona(781,3127))

Jungle Exploration
Find durian (Ascaron 1535,3071)
Reward: 550G + exp 500

Expel the Wolves
Hunt 10 wolf cub(lv11) (687,3093)
(lol why bother running so far XD go to this location <772,3126>)

Reward: 159G + exp

Unparallel Evil
Obtain quest item "jade bangle" from a barrel
(the "barrel was really a box lol location<650,3319> but beware of the sand bandit(lv 20) group)

Reward: 242G + exp
Southern Desert (these quest are all under Kavosky(779,3098))

Weird Collector
Obtain 5 "long lizard tongue"
(you can get them from hopping lizard <892,3273>)

Reward: 299G + exp

Wolves Massacre
Obtain 5 "wolf cub claw" from wolf cub
(go to this location <772,3126>)

Reward: 339G + exp
Babul Haven (these quest are all under Solaru(1202,3179))

Navy Registration Now Open!
Find maritime assisant-alena(Ascaron 2247,2858) in argent city
Reward: 700G + exp 1000

Argent Trade Center
Find trader chiroro(Ascaron 2331,2821) in argent city
(his in a house,u would have to walk into it to see him)

Reward: 850G + exp 2000

Rebellion of Sandy Tortise
Hunt 10 "sandy tortoise"(lv 21)(1197,3270)
Reward: 270G + exp 880

Mudman Sleepy Head
Hunt 10 "mudman"(lv 24)(1438,3413)
Reward: 332G + exp 1600

Dangerous Raiders
Hunt 10 "sand raider"(lv25)(1027,3011)
(nearest to haven location is <1210,3145>)

Reward: 348G + exp 1800

Master Key
Obtain 2 master key from cavalier(lv 29)(1225,2974)
(sand bandit(lv20) has a low chance of dropping master key too)

Reward: 765G + exp 2400
Babul Haven (these quest are all under Momo(1209,3196))

Hunt 10 "sand bandit"(lv 22) (1339,3300)
(if you think the given has too many for ya to handle try this location it has 2 in one go,sprawn pretty well<1159,3163>)

Reward: 300G + exp 1200

Walking Wolf
Obtain 5 "huge wolf claw" from feral wolf(lv 26)(1473,3295)
Reward: 730G + exp 2000

Lizard Crown
Obtain 10 "lizard crown" from lizard king(lv 30)(1507,2970)
Reward: 849G + exp 3400
Babul Haven (these quest are all under Odessis(1201,3202))

Mine Exploration
Find greg(Ascaron 1883,2805) at abandoned mine haven
Reward: 850G + exp 2000

Mysterious Discovery
Send message to Icicle Chairman reyno (deep blue 1294,498) at icicle castle
Reward: 850G + exp 2000

Moving Garden
Obtain 5 "desert seed" from sandy tortoise(lv 21)(1197,3270)
Reward: 571G + exp 1000

The Runaway Shroom
Obtain quest item 5 "desert spore" (there are 3 location to gather
<1238,3428>-safe spot without any shroom
<1277,3467>-safe spot without any shroom
<1299,3419>-in the middle of a shroom sprawn field
but bare in mind that the places are filled with sandy shrooms(lv 23),so gather with caution)

Reward: 316G + exp 1400

Magical Usage for Mud
Obtain 5 "polluted mud"(lv 24) from mudman(1438,3414)
Reward: 664G + exp 1600

Golden Spider
Obtain quest item 1 "gold pouch" (it's located at <1066,2955>)
Reward: 382G + exp 2400

Challenge Cavalier
Hunt 10 "cavalier"(lv 29)(1225,2974)
Reward: 417G + exp 3000
Babul Haven (these quest are all under Minelli(1244,3186))

Waala's Crisis
Find waala(Ascacon 1136,2778)
Reward: 850G + exp 2000

Mushroom Soup
Obtain 5 "umbrella mushroom"
from sandy shroom(lv 23) (1334,3438)

Reward: 632G + exp 1400

Spider Clearance
Hunt 10 "man-eating spider"(lv 27)(1093,2948)
Reward: 365G + exp 2000

Capture the Head
Hunt 1 "sand bandit leader-garet"(lv 28)(1170,3026)
Reward: 400G + exp 2000

Reference Guide: Normal Quest Guide Of Magical Ocean (Author: chaklian)

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