Quest System - Introduction

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pirate king online quest guide
» Overview

Pirate King Online offers various ways for your character to gain experience, gold and unique items. They come in the form of quests. As you complete quests, you will become well known in the land and more NPC will trust you to help them solve their problems. Eventually, the quests given to you will entail more steps and involve quite a bit of work but you will be heavily rewarded for these quests.
Quest system is divided into 4 sections: Newbie Quest, Class Quest, Normal Quest and History Quest. When players fulfil the basic requirement to these quests, it will be opened to them with the indication of a green color exclamation mark on top of the head of the NPC. Players can then talk to the NPC and accept the quest available. If players wish to cancel the quest, they can click on the Abandon button at the bottom of the quest log. However, there are penalties for cancellation of some quests.

Please note: You can keep a maximum of 10 quests in your quest log.

» Newbie Quest (Level: Lv1 - Lv10)

Newbie quests are for new players to familiarize themselves with the game functions, shortcuts, maps and NPC etc. The system will give new players a quest when they first enter the game to help them start off. Guides will be provided so that players can understand the game better.
The fastest to get to lv10 and get a job change is to do the newbie quest once you get into the game. The rewards on all 3 cities are the same, the differences is the coordinates of the npcs and the items and monster needed to hunt and collect.
Argent City | Icicle City | Shaitan City


» Class Promotion Quest (Level: Lv10 onwards)
After players have a good understanding of the basics of the game, they can learn more advanced gameplay. When a player reaches level 10, he or she can select the class they want to belong to at the respective NPC. Available classes are Swordsman, Hunter, Herbalist and Explorer. Choosing a class is important as players can learn skills and be equipped with better weapons and armor. When players reach level 40, they can select a specialization of the class they have already chosen. Random quests will be generated after players completed their class selection. These quests include the delivering of letter or parcel, hunting of monsters or collection of materials etc. There will be rewards of gold and experience after each completed round. Also, after completion of 1 whole cycle (10 rounds), players will be rewarded randomly with a special item, armor or weapon. There is a chance of getting rare items for your class.
pirate king online quest guide
» Normal Quest (Level: Lv10 onwards)

These quests are meant to guide the players along as they level up in the game. It will bring the players deeper into the forest or desert as they advance in the game. While doing these quests, players will be met with monsters suitable for their level.
Normal quests are random. Each player get his quest diverse from each other. Commond formals:

  Quest Aim Hardness
1 Hunter According to the guide's requirement, kill several appointed monsters. Increase as the player's level increase.
2 Collector According to the guide's requirement, collect several appointed items. Increase as the player's level increase.
3 Messager According to the guide's requirement, send letter to appointed NPC. Increase as the player's level increase.

» History Quest (Level: Lv10 onwards)
When players reach level 10, the respective Newbie Guide in the player's birth city will open up the history quest for players to explore the myth and legends of Pirate King Online. You will understand more about the game story as you complete each part of this quest. Upon completion, players will be rewarded with Job experiences so that they can learn skills such as mining, woodcutting, setting up of stall, salvaging, repairing and fishing.

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