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Monster Image Level Coordinates Region Drops
Great King Clam
15 2048, 2514 Ascaron Golden Conch Shell, Crown, Murky Water, Pure Water, Red Stone, Long Sword, Adventure Vest, Great King Pearl
Armored King Crab
20 1783, 2507 Ascaron Huge Crab Pincers, Blood Red Crab Carapace, Rainbow Glass, Counteragent, Earthen Element Fragment, Big Crab Cap, Breast Plate, Crab King Stomach Stone
Bandit Leader - Adder
25 1052, 3037 Ascaron Bandit Sash, Spikey Cuffs, Berserk Mark, Meteorite, Ancient Scroll, Magical Staff, Fencing Sword
Sand Bandit Leader - Garet
28 1171, 3026 Magical Ocean Cracked Iron Sword, Skeletal Bandana, Agate Crystal, Clarion Crystal, Tempest Mark, Moon Kris, Beastly Wand, Mark of Desert Overlord
Captain Fickle
30 1506, 3436 Magical Ocean Iron Hook, Pirate Hat, Incitant, Soul Stone, Ancient Scroll, Moon Kris, Deckman Vest, Fickle Pouch.
Atrocious Yeti King
35 875, 924 Deep Blue Metal Earring, Misshapen Demonic Blade, Magical Potion, Life Stone, Amber Crystal, Fire-Rifle, Serpentine Sword, Yeti King Memo Stone
40 133, 136 Silver Mine 2 Quest Monster, no drop.
Jack - Black Sail
40 1765, 3777 Canary Isle Stone of Oath, Dazzling Sword, Paladin Sword, Exquisite Rifle, Hyena Dagger, Battle Stave, Beastly Wand
Death Knight
45 32, 36 Forsaken City 3 Medal of the Invincible Knight, Yal Runestone, Chest of Forsaken City, Lum Runestone, Yal Runestone, Fusion Scroll
Huge Mud Monster
50 64, 1008 Dark Swamp Earthen Core, Lum Runestone, Chest of Dark Swamp, Lum Runestone, Strengthening Scroll
Wandering Soul
55 266, 245 Demonic World 1 Spirit Elixir, Fel Runestone, Chest of Demonic World, Glowing Gem, Spirit Gem, Shining Gem, Refining Gem, Fairy Box
Sakura 13 Pirate Command Ship
58 2790, 1286 Ascaron Sakura Pirate Direction Chart, Sakura Pirate Banner, Sakura Ringleader Emblem, Ancient Scroll, Mystery Fruit, Refining Gem, Supplies
Snowman Warlord
65 266, 245 Demonic World 2 Necklace of Snowman Warlord, Kal Runestone, Chest of Enigma, Fiery Gem, Furious Gem, Explosive Gem, Refining Gem, Fairy Box.
Icy Dragon
75 494, 521 Underwater Tunnel Tear of Dragon, Frozen Dragon Scale, Small Mysterious Crystal, Mystic Chest, Fruity Mix, Twilight, Faerie Gloves, Fairy Box
Black Dragon
90 766, 633 Black Dragon Lair 2 Heart of Black Dragon, Soul of Black Dragon, Eye of Black Dragon, Dragon Key, Power of Flame, Black Dragon Head, Angelic Dice, Fairy Box
Mermaid Queen
100 2822, 1970 Magical Ocean Agate, Revival Flower, Magical Potion, Orange Colorant, Clarity Crystal, Mermaid Carcass
Siren Queen
100 2002, 1298 Magical Ocean Ancient Scroll, Panacea, Agate Crystal, Red Colorant, Ancient Scroll
Ancient Behemoth
100 2000,2000 Magical Ocean Stone of Oath, Beautiful Chest, Mystic Chest

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