Monster - Sea Monsters - LV 41-60

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Monster Image Level Coordinates Region Drops
Evil Skeleton Fish
41 3050, 400 Ascaron Evil Scale, Evil Fish Meat, Evil Fish Sauce, Hypnotic Gas, Stramonium Fruit Juice
Sawtooth Shark
42 3132, 1292 Deep Blue Shark Tooth, Shark Fin, Life Stone Fragment, Tiamari Fruit, Lottery Ticket
Swift Baby Squid
42 3814, 469 Deep Blue Diluted Squid Ink, Stretchy Squid Meat, Elastic Octopus Tentacle, Medicine Bottle, Stramonium Fruit Juice, Lv 3 Wind Coral
Rapid Squid
43 3132, 998 Deep Blue Nasal Squid Ink, Flavoured Squid Meat, Flavored Octopus Tentacle, Ruby Fragment, Stramonium Fruit Juice, Lv 3 Thunder Coral
Crystal Dolphin
43 3814, 469 Deep Blue Slimy Dolphin Skin, Mystic Crystal Fragment, Iron Ore Fragment, Yellow Dye, Quartz Crystal
Midnight Water Dancer
44 3211, 1731 Deep Blue Dark Arabic Bandana, Arabic Dark Pearl Fragment, Dark Arabic Silk, Clarity Crystal, Stramonium Fruit Juice, Lv 3 Fog Coral
Swift Water Dancer
44 3211, 1731 Deep Blue High Quality Arabic Bandana, Sparkling Arabic Pearl Fragment, Quality Arabic Silk, Pearl, Ice Cream, Lv 3 Wind Coral
Crimson Siren
45 2050, 400 Ascaron Rusty Long Spear, Sparkling Fin, Scrap Iron, Hypnotic Gas, Clarity Crystal, Happy Bunny Cap
Feral Skeleton Fish
45 3132, 1292 Deep Blue Massive Speckled Fish Scale, High Quality Tasty Fishmeat, Quality Caviar, Agate Fragment, Ice Cream, Lv 3 Thunder Coral.
Siren Queen
45 2002, 1298 Magical Ocean Ancient Scroll, Panacea, Agate Crystal, Ruby Fragment, Ancient Scroll
Thunder Sea Jelly
46 3746, 1292 Deep Blue Charged Sea Jelly Skin, Electrifying Sea Jelly Tentacle, Lightning Crystal, Sparkling Stone, Ice Cream, Lv 3 Fog Coral
Shocking Sea Jelly
46 2550, 400 Ascaron Electrical Jelly Skin, High Voltage Tentacle, High Voltage Lightning Crystal, Pearl, Ice Cream
Evil Blood Polliwog
47 2050, 400 Ascaron Evil Polliwog Skin, Devilish Polliwog Tail, Evil Polliwog Blood, Meteorite Fragment, Liquorice Potion
Swift Electric Sea Jelly
47 3746, 998 Deep Blue Shining Dolphin Tail, Electric Tentacle, Strong Eletrical Crystal, Agate Fragment, Liquorice Potion
Feral Blood Polliwog
48 2550, 400 Ascaron Massive Polliwog Skin, Gigantic Polliwog Tail, Thick Polliwog Blood, Azure Crystal, Liquorice Potion
Stealth Blood Polliwog
48 2550, 400 Ascaron Translucent Polliwog Fish Tail, Transparent Polliwog Tail, Transparent Polliwog Blood, Colorant, Liquorice Potion, Lv 4 Wind Coral
Vicious Mermaid
49 3746, 998 Deep Blue Depraved Merman Heart, Defiled Merman Scale, Defiled Merman Hair, Ancient Scroll Fragment, Liquorice Potion, Lv 4 Thunder Coral
Jack the Pirate's Support Ship
49 2210, 3769 Magical Ocean Broken Jack's Chest, Old Jack the Pirate Sail, Jack the Pirate's Badge, Pearl, Energetic Tea, Lv 4 Fog Coral
Jack the Pirate's Warship
50 1950, 3515 Magical Ocean Broken Jack's Ship Bow, Rusty Jack the Pirate Cannon, Jack's Militia Badge, Clarity Crystal, Energetic Tea, Lv 4 Wind Coral
Wandering Mermaid
50 3692, 322 Ascaron Perfect Mermaid Heart, Intact Merman Scale, Intact Mermaid Hair, Black Pearl, Energetic Tea, Lv 4 Thunder Cora
Shadow Mermaid
51 3211, 2314 Deep Blue Shadow Fish Heart, Shadow Merman Scale, Shadow Merman Hair, Agate, Energetic Tea, Lv 4 Fog Coral
Old Sawtooth Shark
51 2738, 3508 Deep Blue Huge Shark Sawtooth, Big Shark Dorsal Fin, Shark Cartilage, Sparkling Stone, Special Ointment
White Finned Shark
52 3538, 3508 Ascaron White Shark Tooth, White Shark Dorsal Fin, White Shark Cartilage, Agate, Special Ointment
Jack the Pirate's Command Ship
52 1966, 3769 Magical Ocean Jack the Pirate's Direction Chart, Jack the Pirate's Banner, Jack's Ringleader Emblem, Ancient Scroll, Special Ointment
Spearhead Shark
53 3538, 3508 Ascaron Great Shark Tooth, Gigantic Shark Dorsal Fin, Large Fish Cartilage, Azure Crystal, Special Ointment
Black Finned Shark
53 2738, 3508 Ascaron Razor Sharp Shark Tooth, Black Shark Dorsal Fin, Black Shark Cartilage, Agate, Snowy Soft Bud
Sakura 13 Support Ship
54 1950, 1286 Ascaron Broken Sakura Chest, Old Sakura Pirate Sail, Sakura Pirate Badge, Black Pearl, Snowy Soft Bud
Old Sawtooth Shark
54 370, 1762 Deep Blue Huge Shark Sawtooth,Big Shark Dorsal Fin,Shark Cartilage,Black Dye,Special Ointment,Fiery Gem
Sakura 13 Warship
55 1950, 1286 Ascaron Broken Sakura Ship Bow, Rusty Sakura Pirate Cannon, Sakura Militia Badge, Colorant, Snowy Soft Bud, Lv 5 Wind Coral
Vampiric Polliwog
55 370, 2317 Deep Blue Bloody Polliwog Skin, Bloody Polliwog Tail, Raw Polliwog Blood, Ancient Scroll Fragment, Tiamari Fruit, Lv 5 Thunder Coral
Tempest Sea Jelly
56 441, 2957 Deep Blue Dried Sea Jelly Skin, Tempest Sea Jelly Tentacle, Heart of Temptest Sea Jelly, Colorant, Tiamari Fruit, Lv 5 Fog Coral
Silk Shark
56 3149, 3836 Ascaron Keen Shark Tooth, Razor Sharp Dorsal Fin, Dangerous Shark Cartilage, Sparkling Stone, Tiamari Fruit, Lv 5 Wind Coral
Topaz Dolphin
57 2631, 2048 Deep Blue Glimmering Dolphin Tail, Mysterious Topaz Fragment, Topaz Dolphin Dorsal Fin, Colorant, Tiamari Fruit, Lv 5 Thunder Coral
Tornado Sea Jelly
57 1275, 3634 Deep Blue Dry Dolphin Skin, Hurricane Tentacle, Hurricane Sea Jelly Heart, Pearl, Mystery Fruit, Lv 5 Fog Coral
Mature Ruby Dolphin
58 3785, 1975 Deep Blue Mature Dolphin Tail, Large Ruby Fragment, Large Dolphin Dorsal Fin, Meteorite, Mystery Fruit
Sakura 13 Pirate Command Ship
58 2790, 1286 Ascaron Sakira Pirate Direction Chart, Sakura Pirate Banner, Sakura Ringleader Emblem, Ancient Scroll, Mystery Fruit
Spiny Fish Bone
59 370, 2317 Deep Blue Fascia Fish Bone, Long Fish Bone, Spikey Fish Bone Rack, Agate Crystal, Mystery Fruit
Northern Pirate Support Ship
59 2891, 260 Magical Ocean Broken Northen Chest, Old Northern Pirate Sail, Nothern Pirate Badge, Agate Crystal, Revival Clover
Hungry Fish Bone
60 428, 2957 Deep Blue Thick Fish Bone, Thick Fish Bone, Strong Fish Rack, Meteorite, Revival Clover.
Northern Pirate Warship
60 2710, 116 Magical Ocean Broken Northen Ship Bow, Rusty Northern Pirate Cannon, Northen Militia Badge, Agate Crystal, Revival Clover.

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