Monster - Sea Monsters - LV 25-40

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Monster Image Level Coordinates Region Drops
25 279, 3364 Magical Ocean Transparent Sea Jelly Skin, Long Tentacle, Life Stone Fragment, Meteorite, Ancient Scroll
Wild Seaweed
25 1447, 1602 Deep Blue Wild Shrub, Thorny Wild Water Shrub, Wild Grass, Clarion Sand, Elven Fruit, Lv 1 Wind Coral
Sea Jelly
26 323, 3399 Magical Ocean Transparent Sea Jelly Skin, Long Tentacle, Life Stone Fragment, Meteorite, Ancient Scroll
Floating Seaweed
26 1572, 1200 Ascaron Floating Shrub, Thorny Floating Water Shrub, Floating Root, Clarion Sand, Elven Fruit, Lv 1 Thunder Coral.
Skeleton Fish
27 104, 631 Deep Blue Speckled Fish Scale, Fresh Fish Meat, Medicated Grass, Stramonium Juice, Stramonium Fruit
Icky Seaweed
27 3930, 3150 Ascaron Mouldy Grass, Thorny Rotten Water Shrub, Rotten Grass, Clarion Sand, Elven Fruit, Lv 1 Fog Coral
Baby Squid
28 3239, 3400 Ascaron Squid Ink, Tasty Squid Meat, Animal Skin, Torn Life Skill Book, Hair
Cursed Seaweed
28 1658, 3341 Magical Ocean Cursed Shrub, Cursed Thorny Water Shrub, Cursed Root, Clarion Sand, Ice Fruit, Lv 1 Wind Coral
White Cap Sea Jelly
29 580, 685 Deep Blue White Sea Jelly Skin, White Sea Jelly Tentacle, White Heart of Squid, Glowing Mystic Stone, Ice Fruit, Lv 1 Thunder Coral
Blackarrow Squid
30 2680, 3126 Magical Ocean Black Ink, Fishy Smelling Squid Meat, Black Squid Tentacle, Hypnotic Gas, Ice Fruit
Water Dancer
30 2680, 3126 Magical Ocean Arabic Bandana, Cracked Arabic Pearl, Rainbow Fruit, Sharp Claw, Perfect Sapphire
Swift Skeleton Fish
31 2681, 3684 Magical Ocean Slippery Scale, Stretchy Fish Meat, Caviar, Torn Life Skill Book, Elven Fruit Juice
Tanned Skeleton Fish
31 1544, 2760 Magical Ocean Black Scale, Black Fish Meat, Black Caviar, Hypnotic Gas, Elven Fruit Juice
Electric Sea Jelly
32 4016, 982 Magical Ocean Glittery Sea Jelly Skin, Shocking Tentacle, Agate Crystal, Clarion Crystal, Tempest Mark
Sluggish Squid
32 1608, 2607 Magical Ocean Dense Squid Ink, Fatty Squid Meat, Fatty Squid Tentacle, Clarion Crystal, Elven Fruit Juice, Lv 2 Wind Coral
Ocean Water Dancer
33 1657, 1145 Deep Blue Refined Arabian Bandana, Arabic Pearl Fragment, Arabic Silk, Life Stone, Elven Fruit Juice, Lv 2 Thunder Coral
Vicious Baby Squid
33 1478, 550 Ascaron Dark Ink, Shadow Squid Meat, Shadowy Squid Tentacle, Counteragent, Red Date Tea, Lv 2 Fog Coral
Blood Polliwog
34 1355, 2055 Deep Blue Blood Red Polliwog skin, Polliwog Tail, Magical Branch, Life Stone, Ice Cream
Evil Water Dancer
34 2005, 2110 Ascaron Evil Arabic Bandana, Devilish Arabic Pearl Fragment, Evil Arabic Silk Cloth, Ruby Fragment, Red Date Tea, Lv 2 Wind Coral
35 1350, 2200 Ascaron Heart of Merman, Twinkling Merman Scale, Rainbow Glass, Counteragent, Earthen Element Fragment
Poisonous Sea Jelly
35 1350, 1980 Ascaron Poisonous Sea Jelly Skin, Virulent Sea Jelly Tentacle, Posioned Sea Jelly Heart, Incitant, Red Date Tea, Lv 2 Thunder Coral
Berserk Sea Jelly
36 1310, 3604 Ascaron Lacerated Sea Jelly Skin, Heavily Scarred Tentacle, Shattered Sea Jelly Heart, Life Stone, Red Date Tea, Lv 2 Fog Coral
Tempest Sea Jelly
36 2255, 3206 Magical Ocean Slimy Sea Jelly Skin, Large Tentacle, Rainbow Glass, Ruby Fragment, Pill Fragment
Ruby Dolphin
37 1650, 1112 Deep Blue Glittery Dolphin Skin, Magical Stone Fragment, Yellow Dye, Incitant, Glowing Mystic Stone
Blackarrow Squid
37 1350, 1980 Ascaron Belched Ink, Dark Black Squid Meat, Tough Squid Tentacle, Glass, Mushroom Soup
38 570, 390 Ascaron Salty Octopus Ink, Salted Octopus Meat, Soggy Octopus Tentacle, Hypnotic Gas, Mushroom Soup
Fish Bone
38 240, 1326 Magical Ocean Fish Bone, Fish Spike, Magical Potion, Life Stone, Amber Crystal
Chameleon Squid
39 1657, 1145 Deep Blue Stale Octopus Ink, Smelly Octopus Meat, Smelly Octopus Tentacle, Tiamari Fruit, Mushroom Soup
Great Polliwog
39 916, 1871 Deep Blue Black Polliwog Skin, Gigantic Polliwog Tail, Pure Water, Glass, Ice Cream
Azure Siren
40 1565, 2185 Magical Ocean Broken Long Spear, Big Tail Scale, Medicine Bottle, Beard, Glowing Mystic Stone.

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