Monster - Land Monsters - LV 71-80

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Monster Image Level Coordinates Region Drops
Nimble Shadow Hunter 71 N.A Lone Tower Dark Bloody Carcass, Dark Bow of Blood, Red Dye, Amber Crystal, Searing Frost, Gloves of Gallant, Rainbow Fruit Juice
Terra Soldier Leader 71 N.A Lone Tower Terra Pickaxe, Refined Terra Backpack, Perfect Sapphire, Terra Gold, Claw of Demonic Dragon, Boots of Gallant, Rainbow Fruit Juice
Elite Lizardman Warrior 71 3717, 3355 Deep Blue Tough Lizardman Necklace, Heavy Lizardman Broadsword, Chaos Pill, Amber Crystal, Robe of Vengence, Robe of Spirit, Magical Potion
Lizard Warrior Leader 71 412, 2334 Ascaron Lizardman Leader Belt, Lizardman Leader Battleaxe, Perfect Ruby, Clarion Crystal, Arcane Otter Costume, Pique Bunny Costume, Revival Clover.
Elite Terra Warrior 72 N.A Lone Tower Heavy Terra Battleaxe, Refined Terra Battle Armor, Red Dye, Agate, Gloves of Vengence, Gloves of Spirit, Magical Potion
Terra Warrior Leader 72 412, 2334 Ascaron Terra Captain Battleaxe, Terra Captain Battle Armor, Perfect Emerald, Terra Gold, Arcane Otter Muffs, Pique Bunny Muffs, Magical Potion
Black Bobcat 72 N.A Lone Tower Torn Black Bobcat Wing, Broken Black Bobcat Bell, Kitty Bell, Amber Crystal, Boots of Vengence, Boots of Spirit, Magical Potion
Vicious Grassland Elder 72 2736, 650 Lone Tower Cracked Terra Earring, Old Tobacco Pipe, Perfect Sapphire, Terra Gold, Arcane Otter Shoes, Pique Bunny Shoes, Revival Clover
Terra Artificer Leader 73 N.A Lone Tower King-Size Spanner, High Grade Terra Glasses, Red Dye, Terra Gold, God of Flame, Soul Spring, Magical Potion
Elite Shadow Hunter 73 N.A Lone Tower Broken Hunter Bow, Shadowy Coat, Perfect Ruby, Agate, God of Fire, Consonance of Souls, Magical Potio
Feral White Bobcat 74 N.A Lone Tower White Bobcat Wing, Golden Cat Bell, Kitty Bell, Clarion Crystal, God of Sight, Eye of Sacred Dragon, Magical Potion
Deadly Werewolf Archer 74 3410, 3359 Deep Blue Gigantic Werewolf Iron Claw, Excellent Werewolf Long Bow, Blue Dye, Agate Crystal, Nautical Coat, Robe of Amercement, Revival Clover
Feral Black Bobcat 73 N.A Lone Tower Black Bobcat Wing, Black Cat Bell, Kitty Bell, Agate, Arcane Lobster Costume, Pique Otter Costume, Magical Potio
Evil Guardian Angel 75 N.A Lone Tower Corrupted Angel Halo, Corrupted Angel Wand, Perfect Emerald, Agate, Arcane Lobster Muffs, Pique Otter Muffs, Revival Clover
Frost Chimera 75 N.A N.A Lion Wing, Chimera Claw, Yellow Dye, Clarion Crystal, Nautical Gloves, Gloves of Amercement, Fruity Mix
Cursed White Bobcat 76 N.A Lone Tower Cursed White Bobcat Wing, Cursed Golden Bell, Kitty Bell, Clarion Crystal, Nautical Boots, Boots of Amercement, Fruity Mix
Evil Tribal Shaman 76 3480, 3145 Deep Blue Evil Tribal Long Spear, Evil Tribal Mask, Earthen Element Array, Agate Crystal, Arcane Lobster Shoes, Pique Otter Shoes, Fruity Mix
Frantic Lizardman 77 2779, 3223 Deep Blue Sparkling Lizardman Belt, Large Lizardman Battleaxe, Yellow Dye, Agate Crystal, Tooth of Eclipse, Gold of Tears, Revival Clover
Cursed Black Bobcat 77 N.A Lone Tower Cursed Black Bobcat Wing, Cursed Black Bell, Kitty Bell, Ancient Scroll, Essence Dagger, God of Wrath, Fruity Mix
Ruthless Forest Hunter 77 N.A Lone Tower Broken Hunter Bow, Shadowy Coat, Perfect Ruby, Agate, God of Fire, Consonance of Souls, Magical Potion
Ruthless Shadow Hunter 78 2736, 650 Lone Tower Bloodied Carcass, Bloodied Bow, Chaos Pill, Ancient Scroll, Ember Scar, Robe of Stride, Revival Clover
Relic Guard 78 N.A N.A Robot Clamp, Piece of Armor Plate, Strange Metal Ore, Clarion Crystal, Wyrm Shield, Trident of Poseidon, Fruity Mix
Anubis 79 N.A Lone Tower Scythe of Anubis, Anubis Teeth, Devotee's Heart, Agate Crystal, Swift Lightning, Pique Lobster Costume, Revival Clover
Dharma Pharaoh 80 N.A Lone Tower Ancient Incantation, Staff of Kings, Charmed Cloth, Meteorite, Arcane Beast Tattoo, Pique Lobster Muffs, Fruity Mix
Relic Protector 80 N.A N.A Robot Wheel, Metal Funnel, Earthen Element Array, Ancient Scroll, Thunder Blade, Gloves of Stride, Fruity Mix

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