Monster - Land Monsters - LV 51-70

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Monster Image Level Coordinates Region Drops
Sturdy Rock Golem 51 712, 1715 Ascaron Indestructible Rock, Shimmering Rock Fragment, Earthen Element Fragment, Azure Crystal, Liquorice Potion, Ducky Shoes, Staff of Life
Frenzied Wolf 51 2425, 3054 Deep Blue Bloodied Wolf Fang, Wolf Hide Masterpiece, Flaw Sapphire, Meteorite Fragment, Liquorice Potion, Ducky Cap, Follower Robe
Horrific Yeti 51 2590, 795 Deep Blue  Sparkling Snowman Necklace, Fearsome Staff of Giant, Perfect Ruby, Pink Crystal, Liquorice Potion, Crevice Shield, Loopy Bunny Costume
Sakura Pirate Sailor 52 2177, 1105 Ascaron Sakura Sailor's Emblem, Sakura Bandana, Flaw Emerald, Sparkling Stone, Liquorice Potion, Crescent Sword, Follower Gloves
Elite Skeletal Warrior 52 2597, 831 Deep Blue Broken Katana, Mark of Warrior Honor, Magical Bone, Splendor Cloth, Energetic Tea, Loopy Bunny Muffs, Charging Sword
Sakura Pirate Fighter 52 2197, 1125 Ascaron Sakura Fighter's Emblem, Sakura Dirk, Flaw Sapphire, Pink Crystal, Energetic Tea, Follower Boots, Raging Bull Tattoo
Undead Warrior 52 511, 1721 Ascaron Unyielding Greatsword, Unyielding Helmet, Special Gas, Sparkling Stone, Energetic Tea, Loopy Bunny Cap, Silver Gauntlets
Elite Werewolf Warrior 53 556, 1439 Ascaron Werewolf Warrior Emblem, Bloodied Hammer, Perfect Sapphire, Azure Crystal, Special Ointment, Thundorian Staff, Silver Greaves
Iron Mummy 53 556, 1557 Ascaron Iron Shroud, Mummy Nail, Special Gas, Meteorite, Special Ointment, Garcon Robe, Gattling Firegun
Huge Spiky Stramonium 54 440, 1320 Ascaron Gigantic Stramonium Flower, Huge Stramonium Thorn, Poisoned Thorn, Meteorite Fragment, Special Ointment, Otter Costume, Ringdove Vest
Steel Mummy 54 440, 1440 Ascaron Steel Shroud, Mummy Hair, Flaw Emerald, Sparkling Stone, Special Ointment, Garcon Gloves, Ringdove Gloves
Tribal Shaman 54 625, 1289 Deep Blue Tribal Long Spear, Tribal Mask, Special Gas, Pearl, Snowy Soft Bud, Otter Muffs, Ringdove Boots
Lizardman 55 2587, 900 Deep Blue Lizardman Belt, Lizard Man Axe, Perfect Crystal, Splendor Cloth, Snowy Soft Bud, Garcon Boots, Blessed Robe
Navy Rifleman 55 2389, 575 Magical Ocean Fake Navy Documentation, Broken Navy Emblem, Flaw Emerald, Sparkling Stone, Special Ointment, Clever Otter Muffs, Laser Gun
Guardian Angel 55 886, 1283 Ascaron Angel Halo, Broken Angel Wand, Chaos Pill, Meteorite, Snowy Soft Bud, Otter Cap, Blessed Gloves
Agile Tribal Villager 56 735, 1289 Ascaron Beautiful Tribal Feathers, Mysterious Bone, Perfect Emerald, Pearl, Snowy Soft Bud, Otter Shoes, Joyful Bunny Costume
Northern Pirate Sailor 57 2481, 582 Ascaron Northern Sailors Emblem, Northern Bandana, Perfect Sapphire, Azure Crystal, Tiamari Fruit, Lobster Costume, Joyful Bunny Shoes
Vicious Undead Warrior 57 831, 1125 Ascaron Fallen Greatsword, Fallen Helmet, Magical Bone, Azure Crystal, Tiamari Fruit, Hyena Dagger, Joyful Bunny Muffs
Northern Pirate Fighter 57 2352, 572 Magical Ocean Northern Fighter's Emblem, Northern Dirk, Perfect Crystal, Meteorite, Tiamari Fruit, Wind Gloves, Joyful Bunny Cap
Deadly Skeletal Archer 58 919, 1581 Ascaron Special Quiver, Complete Rib, Magical Bone, Splendor Cloth, Mystery Fruit, Lobster Muffs, Guardian of Nature
Forest Hunter 58 945, 1125 Ascaron Heart of Nature, Dented Sacred Bow, Perfect Sapphire, Agate, Mystery Fruit, Lobster Shoes, Bone Sword
Northern Pirate Militia 58 2358, 575 Deep Blue Northern Militia Emblem, Nothern Sabre, Chaos Pill, Azure Crystal, Mystery Fruit, Wind Boots, Lotus Staff
Skeletal Warrior Leader 59 360, 1440 Ascaron Wornout Katana, Warrior Leader Token, Perfect Emerald, Meteorite, Mystery Fruit, Lobster Cap, Primal Tattoo
Cursed Corpse 59 360, 1440 Ascaron Shroud, Skeleton Bone Fragment, Special Gas, Azure Crystal, Revival Clover, Dazzling Sword, Ceremonial Platemail
Bloodthirsty Hunter 60 445, 1571 Ascaron Dark Skeleton, Dark Bow, Chaos Pill, Agate, Revival Clover, Clever Otter Costume, Ceremonial Gauntlets
Terra Soldier Leader 60 546, 2726 Ascaron Broken Terra Pickaxe, Terra Backpack, Perfect Emerald, Agate Crystal, Revival Clover, Healer Robe, Ceremonial Greaves
Stone Golem 60 546, 2590 Ascaron Hugh Rock Fragment, Heart of Giant, Stone Egg, Clarion Sand, Healer Gloves, Raptor Vest, Ice Cream.
Iron Golem 60 546, 2590 Ascaron Arcane Metal, Small Magnet, Pumping Metal Heart, Clarion Fragment, Clever Otter Shoes, Raptor Gloves, Ice Cream
Lizard Warrior 60 382, 2726 Ascaron Damaged Lizardman Belt, Damaged Lizardman Blade, Red Dye, Clarity Crystal, Healer Boots, Raptor Boots, Ice Cream.
Small Treant 62 705, 2121 Ascaron Small Mysterious Branch, Strange Leaves, Perfect Crystal, Clarion Sand, Clever Otter Cap, Lucky Bunny Costume, Revival Clover
Long Hair Crab 62 2811, 565 Deep Blue Long Hair Crab Pincer, Long Crab Shell, Blue Dye, Pink Crystal, Hurricane Vest, Lucky Bunny Muffs, Revival Clover
Giant Lizard 62 705, 2121 Ascaron Giant Lizard Tongue, Giant Skin, Perfect Ruby, Clarion Fragment, Vampiric Kris, Heavenly Vest, Ice Cream
Horrific Cursed Corpse 63 360, 1340 Ascaron Cursed Shroud, Cursed Carcass, Perfect Crystal, Clarity Crystal, Prawn Costume, Heavenly Gloves, Ice Cream
Vicious Pumpkin Knight 63 622, 3518 Ascaron Frightful Pumpkin Head, Rusty Lantern, Perfect Ruby, Clarion Sand, Hurricane Gloves, Lucky Bunny Shoes, Mystery Fruit
Chimera 64 662, 2460 Ascaron Chimera Horn, Scorpion Claw, Red Dye, Pink Crystal, Prawn Muffs, Heavenly Shoes, Mystery Fruit
Elite Tribal Warrior 64 645, 2310 Ascaron Razor Tribal Knife, Solid Tribal Shield, Life Crystal, Clarity Crystal, Hurricane Boots, Lucky Bunny Cap, Mystery Fruit
Treant Terror 64 662, 2460 Ascaron Dried Splintered Wood, Treant Root, Perfect Ruby, Clarion Fragment, Prawn Shoes, Holy Guidance, Revival Clover
Terra Warrior 65 373, 2590 Deep Blue Rusty Terra Battleaxe, Rusty Terra Battle Armor, Blue Dye, Pink Crystal, Prawn Cap, Lucky Otter Costume, Mystery Fruit
Baby Icy Dragon 65 3584, 2997 Deep Blue Piece of Icy Dragon Bone, Piece of Crystalline Heart, Dragon Scale, Clarion Fragment, Blessed Shield, Protector Robe, Mystery Fruit
Elite Werewolf Archer 65 472, 2484 Deep Blue Werewolf Iron Claw, Broken Werewolf Long Bow, Red Dye, Azure Crystal, Delusion Sword, Lucky Otter Muffs, Revival Clover
Fox Spirit 65 3306, 2444 Spring Island Exquisite Fox Skin ,Rotten Meat ,Fox Tail ,Beautiful Chest ,Black Pearl ,Dragon Lord Muffs
Mad Tribal Villager 66 561, 2334 Ascaron Fine Exquisite Feather, Mysterious Bone, Perfect Ruby, Clarity Crystal, Protector Gloves, Spirit Beast Tattoo, Agrypnotic
Evil Undead Warrior 66 580, 2121 Ascaron Evil Greatsword, Evil Helmet, Magical Bone, Clarion Sand, Lucky Otter Shoes, Roar of Turbulence, Agrypnotic
Evil Pumpkin Knight 67 340, 1581 Ascaron Ghastly Pumpkin Head, Extinguished Lantern, Magical Bone, Azure Crystal, Protector Boots, Soul Beast, Agrypnotic.
Beardy Pirate Sailor 67 1563, 1804 Deep Blue Beardy Sailor Emblem, Red Beardy Bandana, Yellow Dye, Clarion Sand, Staff of Amercement, Capricious Battle Armor, Agrypnotic
Werewolf Warrior Leader 67 472, 2484 Ascaron Werewolf Warrior Leaders Insignia, Blood Drenched Hammer, Yellow Dye, Pink Crystal, Lucky Otter Cap, Comet Magenta, Agrypnotic
Beardy Pirate Fighter 68 1588, 1708 Deep Blue Beardy Fighter Emblem, Red Beardy Dirk, Perfect Sapphire, Amber Crystal, Dagger of Hydra, Capricious Battle Gauntlets, Agrypnotic
Beardy Pirate Militia 68 1597, 1707 Deep Blue Beardy Militia Emblem, Red Beardy Sabre, Earthen Element Array, Azure Crystal, Whirlpool Vest, Capricious Battle Greaves, Agrypnotic
Palace Guard 68 435, 1690 Deep Blue Royal Bodyguard Emblem, Royal Sword, Blue Dye, Azure Crystal, Whirlpool Gloves, Gloves of Perception, Revival Clover
Shadow Hunter 68 450, 2121 Ascaron Broken Shadow Hunter Short Bow, Tattered Shadow Shell, Life Crystal, Clarion Fragment, Pincer Costume, Robe of Perception, Agrypnotic
Cursed Water Fairy 68 2257, 3076 Deep Blue Cursed Water Crystal, Black Crystal, Life Crystal, Clarion Sand, Whirlpool Boots, Rattlesnake, Revival Clover
Lumbering Treant 68 450, 2121 Ascaron Mysterious Branch, Mysterious Leaf, Chaos Pill, Pink Crystal, Pincer Muffs, Boots of Perception, Agrypnotic
Corrupted Guardian Angel 69 335, 2121 Ascaron Broken Angel Halo, Cracked Angel Wand, Strange Metal Ore, Amber Crystal, Pincer Shoes, Serpentine Gun of Resonance, Revival Clover
Frenzied Lizardman 69 N.A Lone Tower Iron Casted Lizardman Belt, Heavy Lizardman Battleaxe, Chaos Pill, Clarion Fragment, Wyrm Sword, Arcane Bunny Costume, Rainbow Fruit Juice
Mad Tribal Witchdoctor 69 N.A Lone Tower Pointed Tribal Long Spear, Large Tribal Mask, Red Dye, Azure Crystal, Pincer Cap, Robe of Melody, Revival Clover
Nimble Forest Hunter 69 N.A Lone Tower Nimble Heart of Nature, Broken Bow of the Forest, Blue Dye, Pink Crystal, Gloves of Melody, Sagacious Battle Armor, Rainbow Fruit Juice
White Bobcat 70 N.A Lone Tower Broken Shadow Hunter Short Bow, Tattered Shadow Shell, Life Crystal, Clarion Fragment, Pincer Costume, Robe of Perception, Agrypnotic
Terra Artificer 70 1381, 3134 Magical Ocean Terra Spanner, Terra Glasses, Yellow Dye, Terra Gold, Arcane Bunny Shoes, Venom Gun, Rainbow Fruit Juice
Terra Elde 70 1381, 3134 Magical Ocean Rusty Terra Earrings, Broken Terra Smoking Pipe, Blue Dye, Terra Gold, Boots of Melody, Sagacious Battle Greaves, Revival Clover
Terra Captain 70 1381, 3134 Magical Ocean Damaged Terra Battleaxe, Damaged Terra Battle Armor, Strange Metal Ore, Terra Gold, Flame of the Arctic, Robe of Gallant, Rainbow Fruit Juice

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