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In the world of Pirate King Online, we have released 3 mazes and dungeons for players to explore. They are: Forsaken City (Level 30 - 45), Dark Swamp (Level 40 - 55) and Demonic World (Level 50 onwards).
Each dungeon will be open every 3 hours and their entrance will open for only 60 minutes. When the entrance to these dungeons open, system will make an announcement stating the coordinates of these entrances. Players who fulfil the necessary requirements will be able to teleport into these dungeons once they have reached the stated coordinates. No record of spawn points will be done in these dungeons so when players die, log out or disconnect, they will return to their last recorded spawn position back in any town or haven.
  Forsaken City     Dark Swamp     Demonic World     Lone Tower
Demonic World (LV 50+)
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  • Overview
    There are 2 levels in Demonic World. It consists of elite monsters from 50 onwards. The entrance to Demonic World will be open for 60 minutes at Ascaron (910, 1069). Only players from level 50 onwards can enter.
  • Requirement
    Players from level 50 onwards can search for the entrance at Ascaron (910, 1069), near Thundoria Castle. After walking through the portal, players will be transported randomly into any spot of the dungeon.
  • Details
    The entrance to Demonic World 2 is random. The available coordinates are (172, 165), (147, 384) (365, 381) and (365, 171).
    The Boss monster of Demonic World can be found randomly in one of the rooms. The portals leading to the rooms are as follows: (59, 294), (478, 293), (249, 51), (287, 500), (68, 66), (469, 64), (469, 483), (67, 483), (23, 19), (22, 524), (520, 525) and (520, 22).
    Ascaron(910,1069) to enter Demonic World. (on land)» Demonic World 2 Ent (172, 165), (147, 384) (365, 381) and (365, 171) random
  • Notice
    Please note that the dungeon will only be accessible for 120 minutes, starting from the moment the system announce that it has opened.
  • Map
    Demonic World 1 map
    pirate king online guide

    Demonic World 2 map
    pirate king online guide

  • Some of the original sources are from snowy's Maze Guide, the guide page is here.

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