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Install/Run Interface Control Newbie Guide FAQ

this is a simple short FAQ. (UNDER HEAVY CONSTRUCTION)
For ya all new peeps.
i will try to include as much info as i can for ya all.
also you learn most of the things in game by asking people or trying them out yourselves. that was how most of us learnt and enjoyed the doesn't have a steep learning curve as well.


Q)can any other class besides crusader dual wield?

A) nope only crusader can

Q) do i lose anything from changing class late?

A) it has been rumored that you loose some stats like as a explorer u get 6 sp per point but as a newbie you get 3 sp per point so you might be losing 3 sp this way. thats all there is thou.

Q) whats the difference between sea commerce and salvaging?

A) in sea commerce you trade. you buy items you put in your cargo and trade them with npc of other town.
in salvaging,its like fishing. you just go to the sea and "fish" something up.however unlike fishing u dont get fishes.u get a random item.

Q) does berzerk increase the dmg of illusion slash?

A) yep it does since the dmg of illusion slash is dependant on your agi and your atk speed.

Q)how do i get hairstyling voucher?

A) you can get one from the quest A Hunters can also get them from chests as they give random items.

Q) how do i change my hairstyle/color?

A) To change your hairstyle/color, visit a Hairstylist npc. You must have a Hairstyling voucher to be able to do it. Each hairstyle has item requirements, in addition to the 100k fee.

Q) how do i follow someone?

A) alt + click on someone

Q) how do i make a pirate guild?

A) talk to Mas in icicle city at 1344,451

Q) are there rewards for closed beta players?
A) take a look here

Q) what do the stats do?

A)str increases dmg
cons adds hp , hp recovery and defense
acc increases ranged dmg and hit rate
agi increases attack speed and dodge rate
spr increases SP and sp recovery

Q) can i off chat channels and how do i do it?

A)yeah, click on the channel buttn at the bottom left of the chatbox and check what channels you want or dont.

Q) How do I get to the other towns?

A) look for the teleporter npc is their respective can teleport to the other cities for 500.if you're below level 10 its free can also sail there.but it'll take a while.

Q) is this game FREE FOREVER? or will have a monthly Fee?

A) this game is FREE FOREVER. it will NOT have a monthly will however have a cash shop where you can buy stuff from.

Q) how do i join the navy?

A) talk to navy informer at agrent at 2201, 2818. you have to get a letter frmo the navy recuiter 1st near the teleporter in agrent.

Q) how do i join the pirates?

A) go to icicle heaven and talk to the pirate informer at 2224, 2883

Q) Where is Abandoned Mine Haven/Icicle Haven/Oasis Have?

A) This is a common question, and I'll provide the coordinates here since they are the "main" havens. Please note that all other havens are accessible through these ones via teleporters, which only cost 200g.

Abandoned Mine Haven - Argent:1912, 2802
Icicle Haven - Icicle:818, 354
Oasis Haven - Shaitan:803, 3114

Q) Where do I get Apples/Cake/Bread?

A) You buy them from Physician npc's.

Q) are there any penalties for dying?

A) you lose some exp thats all i believe. at level 20 you will start to lose 5% durabilty of all your equip that you have equipped when you die also.

Q) how do i walk/run around without clicking on the map all day long

A) click on a place you wanna walk to and just hold you right mouse button,
after a while the cursor will become a pic of walking boots and you can let go of your mouse button. the char will just walk towards your mouse cursor untill you click on something else


A) either you are lagging or the server is lagging.
the gms also say that you CAN solve this by turning off "movment" in game options

Q)how do i view all items/players name?

A) hold shift =)

Q) how do i get the black words behind my name?

A) prses ALT F then next to the "add friend" button. just type your message there.

Q)what do the newbie chests do?

A) they give you items.sometimes they will give rare items too but its random.

Q)can i reset my stats?

A) no u can't reset your stats sadly.maybe there will be an item in the cash shop but no one knows. edit- gm has said there will be a way to reset stats but it is expensive and you can only do it once. however no more info was shed- perhaps in open beta more light will be shown.

Q)will tehre be a wipe?

A) there will be a wipe from close beta -> open beta. no one knows about open beta yet.

Q)how do i get a boat?

A) you have to go to the various cities and talk to the shipbuilder .you'll have to buy one.the price will vary depending on the ship you choose and its parts/stats. the cords for the builders are
Argent City - 2255, 2801
Shaitan - 901, 3668
Icicle - 1221, 628
Thundoria - 1062, 1291

Q) ships needs fuel.what happens it runs out of fuel?

A) it'll decrease your boat hp instead of fuel and when it reaches 0 hp it'll sink.both your char and boat will be treated as DEAD.

Q) how do i level my ship?

A) go talk to a builder and you can upgrade/level it if your ship has the required xp and it will also cost you a some money

Q) how do i refuel my ship?

A) just return to the habour and choose will cost some money.

Q)im do i get more money?

A) hunt lower mobs and do quests. sell rare items to people by making a shop instead of selling them to NPCs or if you have a can trade.check out snowy's faq on life skills for that.

Q) where can i buy (insert) ship?

A) Argent city - guppy , flying fish , transporter , swordfish
shaitan - guppy, windseeker, turtle , torrent
icicle - flying fish ,windseeker, turtle, eagle
thundoria - flying fish , turtle ,swordfish,phamtom

Q) where can i sail my ship?
A) go to the habour in your city and talk to the npc.its an anchor pic in your mini map.

Q) how do i fish?

A) you need a fishing net on your ship,NOT a mechcanial arm.sail to a fish swarm.then use the fishing skill and wait awhile.

Q) my quickslot bar/box is GONE!!HOW DO I GET IT BACK?

A) you have to restart your client or resize the game to get it back.

Q) how do i sit?

A) press insert.

Q) how do i lie down / play dead

A) press the action button in your chat bar then press the skull one.


A) talk to the arena admin at 2224, 2883 agrent and buy a medal of valor.
after that you can issue a challenge to people in the arena and have a bout with them.

Q) can i have other people on my ship like a real pirate game?

A) nope u can't game doesn't allow.they have to get their own ship.

Q) where else can i dock with my ship?

A) here it is. i didn't get them so no credits for docking places.
Argent City - 2295, 2853
Zephyr Island - 3284, 3348
Glacier Isle - 2292, 1122
Outlaw Isle - 3616, 743

Magical Ocean
Shaitan City - 823, 3698
Canary Isle - 1744, 3774
Isle of Chill - 2374, 735
Cupid Isle - 2528, 2393

Deep Blue
Atlantis Snow Field - 1214, 681
Isle of Fortune - 1642, 1986
Spring Town - 3409, 2560
Summer Island Habour 1 : 3669.2635 ¡¡
Summer Island Habour 2 : 3341.3527

Q) the fright dude says i dont have my ship docked!!so what am i suposed to do??!!

A) you have to get your ship over to the town you want to load wood/do whatever with teh fright dude.u can't load wood in agrent while your ship is in deepblue and vice versa

Q) I killed a mob that was way higher then me, but I got little exp. Why?

A) To gain max exp from a mob it cannot be more then 9 lvls higher then you. So if you see ???? in front of its name, you wont get much exp.

Q) where do i buy rings and accesories?

A) buy them from the shops in the various havens.the 1st ring shop is in abandon mine heaven

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