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Install/Run Interface Control Newbie Guide FAQ

I'm making this to cover all the basic aspects of the game that new players don't know about. If I leave anything out feel free to point it out and I'll add it.

Starter City

Which city you'll want to start off in will depend on what class you want to play, mostly for convenience of not having to teleport to a different town to change your class.

Swordsman - Argent City
Explorer - Argent City
Herbalist - Shaitan City
Hunter - Icicle City

Character's and Classes

In PKO the character you choose influences which class you can play as.

Lance - Swordsman/Crusader, Hunter/Sharpshooter, Explorer/Voyager.
Carsise - Swordsman/Champion
Phyllis- Hunter/Sharpshooter, Explorer/Voyager, Herbalist/Cleric/Seal Master.
Ami - Herbalst/Cleric/Seal Master, Explorer/Voyager.

Starting Out

It is highly reccomended that your first order of business is to find the Newbie Guide of the city you started in. She will provide you with a series of quests that will get you acquainted with the city and some npc's. You will level very rapidly by doing these, and will also gain some new equipment. Once you reach level 9 a window will pop up, basically stating your ready to go advance to your first class. Also, you will notice that there is a Newbie Chest in your inventory which you can open every 5 levels, which contain items and equipment that will help you throughout the game (until your second class advancement).

Advancing to your first class

Once you have reached level 9, go back to the Newbie Guide. She will have promotion quests available to you. Choose the one you want and you will recieve a letter of recommendation. Take this letter to the appropriate npc to start your class change quest. Locations for the NPC's are listed below.

Swordsman: Castle Guard Peter (2192, 2767)
Hunter: Icicle Swordsman Ray (1365, 570)
Explorer: Little Daniel (2193, 2730)
Herbalist: High Priest Gannon (862, 3500)

Life after the change

Once you have changed to your first job, the full extent of the game is opened up to you. You can keep leveling, do more quests, start using Life Skills, buy a ship to sail the seas, whatever you want. Advancing your character is still the most imprtant thing to do, so I'll list some guides below that can help you out.


Insert: Sit/Stand.
Alt + Enter: Window Mode/Full Screen.
Alt + A: Stat window.
Alt + E: Inventory window.
Alt + S: Skill window
Alt + Q: Quest window.
Alt + C: Guild window.
Alt + H: Help window.
Alt + O: Settings window.
Alt + F: Friends window.
Home: Character faces NE on map.
Ctrl + A: Pick up all loot around you that's available to pick up.
Shift + Ctrl + A: Toggle Auto-loot on/off
Ctrl + Left Click: Force fire with your ship.
Ctrl + Shift + Left Click: Auto Attack with yyour ship.
F12: Switch between the list of hotkeys on the hotkey bar.


After each level up you will receive one stat point with which to improve your character, and 5 stat points for every 10th level (20, 30, 40, etc). After level 60 you will get 2 stats points for each level up. Here is a quick cap on what each stat does:

Strength (str) - Increases melee damage.
Constitution (con) - Increases hp, defense, and hp recovery.
Accuracy (acc) - Increases ranged damage and hit rate.
Agility (agi) - Increases attack speed and dodge rate.
Spirit (spr)- Increases sp and sp recovery.


After level 10 you will obtain one skill point every level to raise your skills. However, you must first buy the skill books at the appropriate Grocery npc. To use an acitve skill, open up your skill window with alt+S, then drag the skills icon onto the hotkey list. Then press the hotkey you put it on to use it.

Swordsman Skill books - Argent City (2232, 2729)
Explorer Skill books - Argent City (2232, 2729)
Herbalist Skill books - Shaitan City (840, 3585)
Hunter Skill books - Icicle City (1356, 483)

Story Quests

These are special quest that must be done in sequence, and reward you with Life Skill experience, which gets you Life Skill points with which to get the Life Skills.

Life Skills

Life Skills are special skills that every character can get, and are used for a variety of reasons. Life Skill books can be bought from any Grocery Npc.

Woodcutting - Once you have this skill, you can use an Axe (buy from Blacksmith) to go cut down trees for wood. Wood is used for quests and repairing your ship at sea.

Mining - Once you have this skill you can use a Hammer (buy from Blacksmith) to mine iron ore, crystals, and energy ore. Used for quests.

Fishing - Once you have this skill, if you have a ship with the Fishing Net component, you can go fish at Fish Swarms. Fish is used to refuel your ship at sea, Sashimi is used in quests.

Salvaging - Once you have this skill, if you have a ship with the Mechanical Arm component, you can go to Ship Wrecks and salvage items from them. This is to make money.

Set Stall - Once you have this skill you can open up a shop so you can vend your items to other players.


Weapons are bought from Blacksmiths, Armor is bought from Tailors. Each town sells specific class equipment, ie: Shaitain only sells Herbalist/Cleric/Seal Master equipment. Rings and Necklaces can be bought from Accessory NPC's that are spread out among the Havens.


Every region has Havens that are scattered around the map, which provide a safe area to recover from battle, restock on healing items, or even acquire quests. Every Haven has a Teleporter NPC that can teleport you to a different Haven, and only costs 200g. The following are the closest Havens to the main cities:

Argent: Abandoned Mine Haven (1912, 2802)
Shaitan: Oasis Haven (803, 3114)
Icicle: Atlantis Haven (1046, 639)


To obtain a ship you must be level 15 or higher. Visit a Builder npc located in each city to buy a ship. When sailing if your ship runs out of fuel, your ships durability will decrease until you sink. To salvage your ship visit the Harbour Operator and use the salvage option, which will cost you 1k. You will also have to repair and refuel the ship after. You can use fish and wood which are gained through using the Life Skills to repair and refuel your ship while at sea.
As you sail your ship will gain experience just by you being on it, as well as gaining experience from any sea monsters you kill. To level up your ship go to the builder NPC and choose the Upgrade Ship option.

Argent City: Guppy(Lv15), Transporter(Lv20), Flying Fish(Lv30),
Shaitan City: Guppy(Lv15), Turtle(Lv15), WindSeeker(Lv20),
SwordFish(Lv30), Torrent(Lv35), Goddess(Lv40)
Icicle City: Turtle(Lv15), Transporter(Lv20), WindSeeker(Lv20),
Flying Fish(Lv30), Eagle(Lv45)
Thundoria Navy Habour: Turtle(Lv15), Flying Fish(Lv30), Phantom(Lv35), Silver Dolphin(Lv40), Great White Shark(Lv45).


To create a guild, you must be lvl 40, have a Stone of Oath and 100k. To make a Navy guild you must visit Navy HQ Colonel Maxi (653, 1505) at Thundoria castle. To make a Pirate guild you must visit Icicle Royal Mas (1346, 451) in Icicle City.

To join a Navy guild, first obtain a Navy Letter from the Navy Recruiter (2194, 2774) in Argent, then go to the Navy Informer (2201, 2818) to apply to the guild. To join a Pirate guild go to the Pirate Informer (2224, 2883) to apply.


To participate in pvp, you must go to the Arena Adminstrator (2224, 2883)in Argent outside the bar. She will sell you a Medal of Valor, which costs 50k and is required for you to participate. Don't worry, it's permanent. To initiate a duel or party challenge, all participants must be at the aforementioned npc, it won't work anywhere else. Once the challenges have been accepted you will be warped to the pvp arena.


Forging is the act of putting attribute gems into equipment that has sockets, which provide a number of bonuses.


To change your hairstyle/color, visit a Hairstylist npc. You must have a Hairstyling voucher to be able to do it. It costs 100k to do this, in addition to having all the items the hairdo you want requires. To make Hair Colourant you need 5 of the same coloured dyes, 1 Special Gas, 1 Rainbow Glass, and 200g. Every hairstyle needs the corresponding character Hairstyle Book. And lastly you will need either Hair Gel, Scissors, or a Comb depending on which style you want to change to.

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